How Do You Get Diving Gear in OSRS?

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The optimal Diving gear consists of the combination of the Diving apparatus equipped with a Fishbowl helmet and Flippers.

To actually obtain all this gear, you’ll get the Diving apparatus and the Fishbowl helmet during the “Freeing Pirate Pete” quest, while the Flippers have to be obtained by killing Mogres.

The benefits here are they you get unlimited oxygen underwater (which comes from the Diving apparatus and Fishbowl helmet), and you can also swim faster while wearing the Flippers.

Although it’s optimal to combine everything, you will not be able to use all the gear together in every underwater activity. But combining parts of this gear will be always essential to do the underwater activities in an efficient way:

  • The optimal Diving gear (all 3 pieces) must be used to do the Drift net fishing in Fossil Island, so you can achieve the best possible Fishing and Hunter experience rates per hour. Also, you should be using this gear to farm Seaweed in Fossil island
  • You should use the Diving apparatus + Flippers to efficiently do the Fossil island underwater Agility and Thieving training course (exceptional experience rate too) or to kill Lobstrosities (really great for Farming and Herblore supplies drops), although it is possible to just use the Flippers
  • The combination of the Diving apparatus + Fishbowl helmet is a must-have to complete The Great Brain Robbery quest

How To Get The Flippers

The only way to obtain Flippers is by killing level 60 Mogres, which requires Slayer level 32, and the prior completion of the Skippy and the Mogres miniquest – and also a dose of Fishing explosive per kill.

You can buy the explosive from any slayer master around OSRS for 60 coins each, and they stack in your inventory.

So just buy lots of them to be safe.

Each Mogre has a 1/64 chance to drop some Flippers, and you can find these creatures initially submerged in Mudskipper point.

To get there you can choose one of the routes shown in the map below:

Viable ways to reach Mudskipper point / OSRS

Above: Best ways to reach Mudskipper point

In order to kill a Mogre, you’ll first have to lure him out of the water by using a dose of a Fishing explosive on the nearby Ominous fishing spots (as of this writing, 117 HD plugin does not allow you to properly see the spots, so if needed you can turn it off for a moment).

After this, you could just attack and kill the Mogre.

To make it easier you can also safespot them with range or mage.

To do this, lure a Mogre and then run across the Fairy ring. He’ll get stuck so you can safely attack:

Fairy ring safespot to kill Mogres / Old School RuneScape

Trivia: You can turn your Flippers into Dark flippers by taking a Dark claw, regular Flippers, and 500 coins and the Book o’ piracy to Patchy, who keeps walking south-west from the Mos Le’Harmless bank.

This does not change the effect, just gives a different aesthetic.

Side by side Dark Flippers/Flippers comparison / OSRS

How To Get the Diving Apparatus & Fishbowl Helmet

You’ll obtain the Diving apparatus and the Fishbowl helmet by taking an Empty fishbowl to Murphy during the “Freeing Pirate Pete” quest, which is part of the larger “Recipe for Disaster” quest.

This requires the prior completion of a different subquest: “Another Cook’s Quest”.

So in this case, the first thing you might want to do is obtain an empty fishbowl. And the way to do that will be different for normal & ironman players.


Empty Fishbowl (Normal Players)

As a normal player, you could just buy the fishbowl from the Grand Exchange for about 30 gp to accelerate the process.

This is also by far the fastest method.


Empty Fishbowl (Ironman Players)

As an ironman, you can choose between trying to obtain a fishbowl by killing Mogres (which have a 1/128 chance to drop), or by creating the Empty fishbowl from scratch, which can be done after reaching Crafting level 42 and glassblowing a Molten glass.

If you prefer the Mogres route, just refer back to the “How to Obtain the Flippers” heading that’s a bit earlier in this article (the same idea works for flippers and fishbowl drops).

If you prefer the glassblowing route, follow these steps:

  1. Go to any dock of the game* and buy a Bucket of sand, a Soda ash, and a Glassblowing pipe from a Trader crewmember
  2. Teleport and run to the closest furnace possible
  3. Use the Bucket of sand on the furnace and create molten glass
  4. Use the Glassblowing pipe on the Molten glass and select the “empty fishbowl” option on the menu

*If possible, it’s highly recommended that you use the Port Phasmatys dock to buy the items, since you have access to a nearby furnace (south-west) and will have the Minigame teleport (now named Grouping teleport) available for the next step.

Port Phasmatys teleport, store, and furnace / OSRS

Above: Port Phasmatys teleport, store, and furnace location on the map


Talking to Murphy

Once you get the fishbowl, you have to start the “Freeing Pirate Pete” quest.

So teleport to Lumbridge, go to the Castle’s kitchen, and enter in the dining room.

Inspect the Pìrate Pete NPC in a chair on the west side of the table and go through all the dialogue.

After this, go back to the kitchen and talk to the cook, then go through every single conversation option, and then you can go find Murphy.

Murphy is the sailor seen walking in the northern dock of Port Khazard.

To get there fast you can use the Minigame teleport to Fishing trawler, or alternatively you can take a ship from any other Port around OSRS to Khazard.

Murphy NPC location / Old School RuneScape

Upon finding him, talk about Recipe for Disaster and go through the dialogue. Once finished, talk again about the Recipe for Disaster – and after this second dialogue finishes, he’ll give you the Diving apparatus and the Fishbowl helmet in exchange for the Empty fishbowl.

At this point you’ll have all the equipment needed to efficiently explore OSRS’ underwater places.

Of course, at this point you won’t have finished the subquest – but you can keep doing it if you want (it’s not that long).

But either way, from this point onward you’ll be able to claim more Diving apparatus’ and Fishbowls from Murphy at any time.

If you ever lose your gear just talk to him again 2 times.

Or if you just want more gear then it is possible to drop your helmet and the apparatus, ask for extra gear, and then pick your original items back up from the ground.

Keep in mind that if you’re play as an Ultimate ironman, you can store all the pieces from the optimal Diving gear inside a Tackle box, obtained by subduing Tempoross, along with various other fishing equipment and supplies. This can save you a lot of storage space.

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