How To Get Dragon Boots in OSRS

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The Dragon Boots can be obtained by killing Spiritual Mages in either the God Wars Dungeon, or the Wilderness God Wars Dungeon. Either of these tasks require at least level 83 Slayer (boostable).

Additionally, Dragon Boots require at least level 60 Defence to be worn (unboostable).

To reach either of the locations, players will also require either 70 Agility or 70 Strength, depending on the route they’re using.

Tip: we strongly recommend the regular version of the God Wars Dungeon, since it’s not a PvP zone.

Since the God Wars Dungeons and the entirety of Dragon armor are members-only content, Dragon Boots are unobtainable and off-limits for Free players.


GWD Suggested Armour and Inventory

Suggested Gear for GWD Farming / OSRS
Suggested Gear for GWD Farming

The way God Wars Dungeon works is that there are minions of four gods: Armadyl, Bandos, Saradomin, and Zamorak.

They’ll all be aggressive to you if you’re not wearing an item of their alignment.

This means that wearing none of them will get you pummeled by everyone, while wearing all of them will make the zone completely safe.

This is why we suggest wearing one for each of them. This is an example of a cheap setup:

  • Armadyl Pendant
  • War Blessing
  • Saradomin Cape
  • Unholy Book

This would make for an incredibly cheap setup with 3 untradeables, and a War Blessing worth 17,000 coins.

The rest of your gear would be Prayer bonus, since you’ll be using Protect from Magic.

You can use magic defence gear instead, but Spiritual Mages’ max hit is in the realm of 20, making that a bad idea.

Additionally, if you haven’t lit the Fire of Unseasonal Warmth by the entrance then you’ll need to bring a Restore potion.

For your inventory setup, bring:

  • Ateleport in (such as Trollheim Teleport or Ghommal’s Hilt)
  • A teleport out
  • Some combat boosting potions
  • And prayer potions

There’s no need to bring High Alch runes since they don’t drop anything worth alching.


Getting to the God Wars Dungeon

God Wars Dungeon Entrance Map / OSRS
God Wars Dungeon Entrance Map

Pictured above: the best routes to reach the God Wars Dungeon

Ghommal’s Hilt is the best option to get to God Wars Dungeon, since it’ll leave you straight at the entrance.

But if that’s not available to you, we heavily recommend a Trollheim teleport (Red line above). This is unlocked after Eadgar’s Ruse, is extremely cheap, and leaves you really close to the entrance.

If that’s unavailable to you, then you can use a Games Necklace teleport to Burthorpe and run north (Green line above), but it might be best to get other unlocks before getting Dragon Boots.


Inside the God Wars Dungeon

God Wars Dungeon’s Layout / OSRS
God Wars Dungeon’s Layout

We recommend the marked spot on the map above to kill Spiritual Mages.

The reason is that minions of different alignments will attack each other, allowing you to attack an already-damaged Mage that’s attacking someone else, and still get the kill credit.

Additionally there are multiple Mage spawns close by.

If a Spiritual Mage ends up attacking you, simply Protect from Magic, and it won’t be able to damage you.

Note: be mindful of your prayer points!

Dragon Boots have a 1/128 drop rate (0.78%) from Mages of any alignment

Additionally, they can drop a variety of runes and herbs that will help make this whole process worth your while.

This may take a while, maybe even a couple trips depending on your level.

But when you get the drop, simply teleport away and you’re good!


About the Dragon Boots

Dragon Boots Stats Screen / OSRS
Dragon Boots Stats Screen

Dragon Boots offer great defensive stats across the board, along with a massive +4 Strength boost.

This makes for an incredibly popular mid-level goal for accounts wishing to upgrade from Climbing Boots, since they’re relatively quick to obtain and don’t degrade.

Dragon Boots are generally worn for Melee combat for a really long time, since it’ll be a long time until the next upgrade.

To be specific, the next upgrade is 160 times more expensive! Namely, the Primordial Boots, which are obtained by combining Dragon Boots with a Primordial Crystal (a rare drop from Cerberus).

This makes for an endgame item that’s generally best-in-slot for melee combat.

And that’s it!

Dragon Boots are a staple item in OSRS that have endured the test of time, and are highly relevant to this day even as an upgrade material. Drag-on those feet to the God wars Dungeon and get yours today.

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