How To Get a Dramen Staff in Old School RuneScape

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You can get the Dramen Staff by cutting the Dramen Tree deep in the Entrana Dungeon and using a knife on the Dramen branch.

This requires level 31 Crafting, 36 Woodcutting, and partial completion of the Lost City quest.

If you haven’t started the Lost City quest, the first thing to do is make your way to the Lumbridge Swamp, find a campfire surrounded by a Warrior, a Monk, an Archer, and a Wizard.

Talk to the Warrior and start the quest.

Campfire and special tree location / Old School RuneScape

Then try to cut a tree with only a Chop option north of the campfire and a leprechaun will appear.

Talk to him and he will tell you about the Entrana dungeon.


Getting To Entrana

You can get to Entrana by taking a boat with one of the Entrana Monks in the Port Sarim Docks.

You must remember that you cannot take any weapons or armor to Entrana, as the monks will search you and refuse your embark if you have any of those items equipped or in your inventory.

However, you can take food, potions, runes, an unstrung bow, bow string, and arrows.

This may be useful if it’s your first time, because you’ll need to kill some zombies for the axe and a level 101 Tree spirit.


Obtaining an Axe & Cutting the Tree

Once you get to Entrana, make your way to the dungeon north of the island.

Then climb the ladder and kill some level 25 zombies until you get a bronze axe.

Killing a zombie to get a Bronze axe / OSRS

Continue though the dungeon, while being careful of the level 92 Greater demons, until you reach the Dramen tree and chop the tree.

If it’s your first time chopping the tree then a level 101 Tree spirit will spawn – and you need to kill it before you can cut the tree.

You can melee it with your axe, or kill it from a safe spot if you brought runes or ranged.

Tree spirit safespot location / OSRS

Note that you probably should cut the tree multiple times, because a quest in the future requires the branch.

Also, if you have copies of the branch and you lose your first staff, you can easily make a new staff without going through these steps again.

After you manage to get your branches you can teleport away, or make your way back to the docks and take the boat to Port Sarim.

Careful with the Magic door east, as it’ll take you deep in the wilderness!

But just use a knife on the Dramen branch and you will get your staff – and be ready to enter Zanaris or continue your adventure towards Fairy Rings!

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