How Do You Get Dwarven Rock Cakes in OSRS?

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Dwarven Rock Cakes can be obtained after completion of the Freeing The Mountain Dwarf section of the Recipe for Disaster quest. While this has no strict level requirements, you will need to complete three other things first:

  • Cook’s Assistant
  • Fishing Contest
  • And obtain Ice Gloves

Rock Cakes can be bitten or guzzled by the player, dealing 1 hitpoint or 10% hitpoints of damage respectively. Neither of these are able to kill you, since they will deal 0 damage when they would otherwise lower your HP to 0.

Since Recipe for Disaster and its subquests are Members-only content, Dwarven Rock Cakes are completely off-limits for Free players.


Start: Getting to Rohak

The Fishing Contest Shortcut / OSRS
The Fishing Contest Shortcut

After completion of the RFD miniquest, head back to the Fishing Contest shortcut. In case you’ve forgotten, you may enter from either side of White Wolf Mountain, be it Taverley or Catherby.

Some recommended teleports are:

  • Camelot teleport
  • House teleport (if POH is in Taverley)
  • Games necklace (Burthorpe)
Thordan in the Shortcut’s Bar / Old School RuneScape
Thordan in the Shortcut’s Bar

Downstairs you’ll find a bar where a dwarf named Thordan is standing by the fire.

Talking to him after the miniquest will let you ask for more Rock Cakes, at a cost of 100 coins each. This can be repeated as many times as you wish.

For each time, he’ll bake a cake and put it on the table, where you may pick it up. Be careful, though; it’s boiling hot, and you won’t be able to pick it up without Ice Gloves.

Alternatively, you can also wait 4 hours until it cools down, but this is not recommended for obvious reasons.

But that’s basically it!

And you can always get as many spares as you want (100 coins each), and then teleport away.


About the Dwarven Rock Cake

Setting up Dharok’s / OSRS
Setting up Dharok’s

The only use for rock cakes is to lower one’s own HP.

While this is generally a bad thing, there are a couple of situations where one desires to have as little HP as possible.

One example is Dharok The Wretched’s armour set, which raises its max hit according to how much HP you’re missing. This allows a player with 1 hitpoint to deal a whopping 118 damage in a single hit!

This is not without its risks, though. Because this also means that you may die off of 1 hit of anything. As a result, this is used where damage is completely avoidable with protection prayers, or by mechanically sound players.

Another example is Nightmare Zone’s absorption potions.

These will soak the damage you take, similar to a shield in other RPG’s.

To be more precise, these take the damage you would’ve taken when you got attacked. In other words, being at 1 HP means you can only take 1 HP of damage, and so your shield only loses 1 HP at a time.

This increases its durability exponentially, allowing you to stay inside the Nightmare Zone for much longer than you otherwise would.

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