How To Get An Enchanted Lyre in OSRS

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The Enchanted Lyre can be obtained by tributing fish to the Fossegrimen after completing the Fremennik Trials quest.

The Lyre offers a variety of teleports to Fremennik locations, such as:

  • Relleka
  • Neitiznot
  • Jatizso
  • Waterbirth Island

These can be great for mid-level players, since the next best teleports are built into your Player-Owned House, which can be quite costly to make (and is generally an endgame goal).

Since the entirety of the Fremennik Province and its surroundings are Members-only areas, the Enchanted Lyre is also completely off-limits for Free players.


Start: Obtaining a Lyre

Map locations of Swaying Tree, Lanzig, and Fosegrimmen / OSRS

There are two ways of getting a Lyre:

  • Crafting it yourself
  • Or killing NPC’s which might drop a finished one

We’ll be referencing the map above for locations related to both methods. Choose whichever you prefer based on your skills!

Shown in the map above are the Swaying Tree (Cyan), Lanzig (Green), and the Fosegrimmen (Pink).


Method 1: Crafting The Lyre

The Swaying Tree Screenshot / Old School RuneScape

Pictured above: the swaying tree

If you’d rather craft a Lyre yourself, you’ll need to chop down some bark from a Swaying Tree just east of Rellekka.

This requires at least Level 40 Woodcutting.

You can then use a knife on the Branch you’ve obtained, leaving you with an Unstrung Lyre.

Now you’ll need to string the Lyre with Golden Wool. And you can buy some Golden Wool for 1,000 coins from Lalli, the troll guarding the golden apple tree.

Once you have your wool just go to any spinning wheel (there’s one in Rellekka), spin the wool, and use the resulting Golden Wool on the Lyre (Requires 25 Fletching) to finish it off.


Method 2: Killing For Lyre Drops

Battling Lanzig in Rellekka / OSRS

If you’d rather get your Lyre with more panache, you can kill Rellekka citizens to get one.

This method is generally chosen by players that don’t meet the Level requirements to craft the Lyre.

There are 5 citizens that can drop a Lyre:

  • Borrokar
  • Freidir
  • Jennella
  • Lanzig
  • Lensa

All of them have a Combat Level of 48, have 50 Hitpoints, and a max hit of 6.

In other words, they’re all exactly the same and share the same rate for a Lyre drop at 1/17 (5.9%).

Out of all five characters, Lanzig is generally preferred, since he can be safespotted in his respawn location with either the fire or the eastern door.

He respawns every 18 seconds, so it’s generally better to world hop after each kill to save time.

After a couple of kills you should get your brand-new finished Lyre.



Enchanting the Lyre

The Fossegrimen’s Altar screenshot / OSRS

The Fossegrimen is a spirit that lives in the lake near Rellekka.

You may remember it from the Fremennik Trials.

And similar to the quest, it’ll enchant your Lyre – for a fee.

This fee consists of raw fish, with the result depending on the offering you’ve made:

  • Raw Shark: +2 Charges
  • Raw Bass: +2 Charges
  • Raw Manta Ray: +3 Charges
  • Raw Sea Turtle: +4 Charges

Each will grant a different amount of charges to your Lyre, with every teleport consuming one charge.

You can also repeat this process as many times as you’d like.

Tricking the Fossegrimen / OSRS

Offering Bass requires an activated Ring of Charos, which will let your player convince the Fossegrimen that it’s in fact a really small shark.

If available, this is the cheapest option for recharging your Lyre!

It’s also worth noting that after completing the Easy Fremennik Diary, all fish will grant an additional charge for free.


Imbuing the Enchanted Lyre

Suggesting Permanent Charges to the Fossegrimen / OSRS

Another available option is to imbue the Lyre, which will make it hold infinite charges.

This works as a permanent unlock of sorts!

To do this, you’ll need to get 1000 of each fish below:

  • Sharks
  • Bass
  • Manta rays
  • Sea turtles

These can be handed in as increments, and in noted form; Fosegrimmen will remind you of what you’re still missing.

It’s also worth noting that each completed stage of the Fremennik Achievement Diary will drop this number by 200 of every fish.

So if you’ve completed the Elite tier you’ll only need 200 of each fish – a huge difference!

When you’re done, your Lyre will have infinite charges.

If you lose it at any point, you can reclaim it from the Altar at any time, without any extra cost.

The Enchanted Lyre is truly a great teleport for an area that lacks transportation, and it’s an amazing and cheap alternative for mid-level accounts.

You know you want one, don’t be a Lyre!

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