How To Get Fancy Boots in OSRS (Step-By-Step Guide)

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Fancy Boots can be obtained from the depths of the Stronghold of Security. These boots are available for free-to-play players, and are also the best boots available for F2P outside of Castle Wars gear.

In order to enter and complete the dungeon, you will need:

  • A valid and running Authenticator (2fa) on your account
  • Food and armor for low level accounts
  • An emergency teleport for low level accounts

Start – Heading to Barbarian Village

Stronghold entrance location on map / OSRS

Above: Stronghold entrance location on map

Barbarian Village has a tunnel in the center of it, between the mining rocks.

Going down through the hole will put you in the first level of the Stronghold of Security.

First Floor entrance / Old School RuneScape

This dungeon works as a set of mazes, where your goal is reaching the center room.

Getting there will net you some coins as a reward, and allow you to descend to the next floor.

Once you reach the center of the 4th floor, you’ll be rewarded with Fancy Boots.

First floor route / OSRS

Above: First floor route on map

The first floor is pretty simple and doesn’t require you to go through most rooms.

Just stick to the north wall and you’ll be safe.

As you move, you’ll encounter low level goblins, level 14 Wolves, and level 12/27 Minotaurs. Only Wolves are aggressive, but they have a max hit of 2.

Reaching the center room with the treasure chest / OSRS

Once in the middle room, search the chest to receive some coins and an emote.

Then head down the ladder to enter the next floor.

Important: Each time you complete a floor and descend, you unlock that floor’s teleporter. It will take you from the floor entrance to the center room, so you may teleport out and stock on food if you need to!

Second floor entrance / OSRS

The second floor is home to stronger enemies, such as Level 26 rats, Level 30-53 Zombies, and Level 28-41 Flesh Crawlers.

All but rats are aggressive, but their max hit is still rather low.

Second floor route on the map / OSRS

Above: Second floor route on the map

This route is slightly longer, and the most dangerous room is the first one (Zombies).

Simply run to the center room, grab your rewards once more, and descend to the next floor.

Third Stronghold floor / OSRS

You’re pretty deep now!

The third floor is usually a bit harsher. The biggest threats here are Level 50 Spiders, Level 59 Scorpions, and Level 68 Catablepons.

They can hit for upwards of 7 damage so try to have at least 8 HP!

Third floor route on map / OSRS

Above: Third floor route on map

While this floor houses strong enemies, it should still be safe for low level players.

You may cross the first room safely if you wait for the Giant Spiders to move north.

If you run through the second and third rooms, enemies should only be able to attack you once. Heal up as necessary!

Fourth and final floor / OSRS

Once we get to the fourth floor then the finish line is finally in sight!

The enemies you should worry about on this floor are Level 85 Skeletons and Level 86 Ankou, with a max hit of 10 and 8 respectively.

Do your best to move quickly & bring good food.

Fourth floor route on map / OSRS

Above: Fourth floor route on map

With this route, you’ll only run through Ankou, which shouldn’t be able to kill you if you brought food.

They’ll hit you once or twice at most.

Good luck and keep moving!

Claiming the Fancy Boots in the Cradle of Life / OSRS

Upon reaching the middle room and searching the Cradle of Life, you’ll be prompted to choose between the Fancy boots or Fighting boots.

Pick whichever you like – and you may switch or reobtain them at any time.

Then teleport away or climb the ladder to your side when you’re done.

Congratulations on your Fancy Boots!

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