How To Get The Fremennik Shield in OSRS

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The Fremennik Shield can be obtained by either:

  • Trading with Bardur in the Waterbirth Dungeon
  • As a rare drop from a few NPCs in the Fremennik Province (best option is Market Guards in Rellekka Marketplace)

Requiring 30 Defence to wield, this shield has the same stats as an Adamant Kiteshield, while being a bit lighter.

You’ll need one shield for The Fremennik Exiles quest, where the Fremennik Shield gets converted into V’s Shield – an upgraded version of a Mirror Shield.

Since the Fremennik Province and its surroundings are Members-only areas, the Fremennik Shield is completely off-limits to Free players.

But let’s look into both methods you can use to get your hands on this shield.


Method 1: Trading Bardur

Bardur in Waterbirth Dungeon / OSRS
Bardur in Waterbirth Dungeon

During the Fremennik Exiles quest, you can purchase a copy of the shield from Bardur for 150,000 coins.

Bardur is a Fremennik in training that resides within the Waterbirth Dungeon.

Tip: if you have a Ring of Charos (a), he’ll give it away for free!

Since this dungeon is full of high-level enemies, we recommend bringing some decent armor, a Stamina potion, and a Prayer potion or two.

And don’t forget: a Rune Thrownaxe and Pet Rock are required to enter the dungeon!

Jarvald in Rellekka / OSRS
Jarvald in Rellekka

Double-check you have the required items, and talk to Jarvald in the Rellekka docks to head to Waterbirth Island.

Head around the island to the dungeon’s entrance.

We recommend praying Melee or Magic for this first part, depending on your defenses.

Waterbirth Dungeon’s Gate / OSRS
Waterbirth Dungeon’s Gate

Head to the north gate, drop your pet rock on one tile, stand on the other, and open the gate.

Remember to pick up your pet rock after!

Pray Melee and run past the crabs until you reach the door support.

Equip your Rune Thrownaxe and use its special attack on the west Door-Support. The ricochet effect will knock down all three. Head down the staircase.

Since this dungeon can be quite tricky, we recommend following the screenshots below which mark the route to Barduk with the recommended overhead Prayer.

Waterbirth Dungeon - Section 1 / OSRS
Waterbirth Dungeon – Section 1

Pictured above: Waterbirth Dungeon Section 1 optimal route

The first section is a straight path with some ladders inbetween.

Simply follow along until the next ladder.

The tile next to the final ladder is a safespot from the giant rock crabs, if you need to take a breather.

Waterbirth Dungeon - Section 2 / OSRS
Waterbirth Dungeon – Section 2

Pictured above: Waterbirth Dungeon Section 2 optimal route

Once you head down the ladder, head South instead of west, and follow the path until you reach the staircase at the end of the line.

A handful of regular Dagannoths are in the way; Pray Melee to avoid most of the damage.

We’ve reached Bardur! / OSRS
We’ve reached Bardur!

Heading down the ladder you’ll find Bardur, fighting off a multitude of Dagannoth Fledgelings.

Don’t bother fighting them off; they’re unaggressive, yield no experience, and won’t interrupt your dialogue with Bardur.

Those in the Fremennik Exiles quest will be able to purchase a Shield from him for 150,000 coins.

Optionally, those with a Ring of Chaos (a) may charm him during the same dialogue to obtain it for free. This can only be done once.

Additionally, Barduk will take extra Fremennik shields, swords, or helmets, and will give you one cooked Shark for each. This is generally not recommended, but could help extend some Dagannoth King trips.


Option 2: Farming Market Guards

Killing Guards in Rellekka / OSRS
Killing Guards in Rellekka

If you don’t have 150k coins or a Ring of Charos, or if you’d rather take a more aggressive approach, you can kill Market Guards in Rellekka to get your shield.

With a Combat Level of 48 and a max hit of 8, these guards have a 1/128 chance (0.78%) of dropping a Fremennik Shield.

This may take a bit longer than the first method in this guide.

But farming guards is more laid back, and yields some XP in the meantime. Plus you can obtain some herbs in the process!

We recommend praying either praying Melee against them, or safespotting them with a ranged weapon. Otherwise you might find yourself going back and forth to stock up on food.

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