OSRS: How To Get The Giant Squirrel Pet (Best Methods)

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The Giant Squirrel is the Agility pet. You can obtain the pet through most of the Agility activities in the game: agility courses, rooftops, Brimhaven arena and Hallowed Sepulcre.

However there’s a lot of variation in the chance to get it.

For almost all activities, the chance of getting the pet on completion of the course is basically a “1 in X”, with X = (baseChance – (agilityLevel * 25))

The baseChance is specific to each course, and agilityLevel is your current Agility level.

So the lower the baseChance, the better the drop rate. But we also need to take into account the time it takes to complete the course.

Taking that into account, if you want to do the most efficient route (not caring about exp rates or profit), you should do the Penguin Agility Course.

If you want a nice balance between exp, chance to get the pet, and a bit of money while training, then you should do rooftops.

But let’s look into these options below and see how they play out.


Method 1: Penguin Agility Course

Penguin training camp / OSRS
Penguin training camp

On average, the fastest way to get the Giant Squirrel is by doing the Penguin Agility Course.

This activity has very low requirements:

  • 30 Agility
  • Clockwork suit in the Cold War quest (completion is not needed)

The course has a base chance of 9,779. This means a player with 30 Agility has a chance of 1 in 9,029 to get the pet.

Or for a player with 99 Agility, the chance goes up to 1 in 7,304.

Since you should be able to do around 55 laps per hour, on average, the pet should take between 132 hours (if you’re 99 Agility) or around 178 hours (if you’re 30 Agility).


Course Preparations & Getting There

Penguin Agility Course route on the map / OSRS
Penguin Agility Course route on the map

Make sure you have your Clockwork suit, some food, and a bunch of stamina potions in your inventory.

Also you should wear your weight-reducing gear to be 0kg.

Once you’re prepared, follow these steps to get to the arena:

  • Make your way north east of Rellekka (House portal, Fairy ring DKS, Slayer ring)
  • Take Larry’s boat to the Iceberg
  • Right click Larry and choose Tuxedo time, this will turn you into a penguin
  • Go north west and click Use on the avalanche to enter the lair
  • Enter the first door to the west
  • Go north west until you find a large door and open it

Tips & Tricks For The Course

You should be aiming to complete it as fast as possible, so try to brute force it and do not worry about the damage.

Until you get the patterns, you can use a Regen bracelet and Rapid heal prayer to restore your hp faster.

The Stepping Stones and Ice Slope can be 1-ticked (click fast on the next one, that way you won’t need to wait).

And for the Icicles, you should be clicking the next one without waiting for the first action to end as this is a bit faster.


Method 2: Rooftops

The rooftops offer a good alternative if you’re also looking for exp.

The base chance, time per lap, and exp per hour for each course is in the following table:

Location Required Agility Base Chance Time per lap (seconds) Exp per hour(efficiently)
Draynor Village / OSRSDraynor Village 10 33,005 43 9,850
Al Kharid / OSRSAl Kharid 20 26,648 65 9,850
Varrock / OSRSVarrock 30 24,41 70 12,240
Canifis / OSRSCanifis 40 36,842 44 19,500
Falador / OSRSFalador 50 26,806 60 26,400
Seers’ Village / OSRSSeers’ Village 60 35,205 45 (37 with Seers bank teleport) 45,600
Pollnivneach / OSRSPollnivneach 70 33,422 61 52,600
Rellekka / OSRSRellekka 80 31,063 51 55,052
Ardougne / OSRSArdougne 90 34,44 46 62,300

Doing rooftops from level 10 to 99 should give you a 45% chance of getting the pet on your way.


The Dark Squirrel

Once you have this pet, you can unlock a Metamorphosis by using a Dark acorn on the Giant Squirrel.

The Dark acorn can be bought in the Hallowed Sepulchre for 3,000 marks.

If you’re good at the Sepulchre and have at least 92 Agility, you should be able to get around 120 marks per hour – so it should be around a 25 hour grind to unlock the Dark Squirrel.

It’s good to know that you can also get the Giant Squirrel while doing the Sepulchre. It’s not a particularly fast route, though.

The calculation here works a bit different than the other courses, since it rolls when you finish each of these areas below (including drop chances):

  • 1 in 35,000 in the first floor
  • 1 in 16,000 in the second floor
  • 1 in 8,000 in the third floor
  • 1 in 4,000 in the fourth floor
  • 1 in 2,000 in the fifth floor
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