How To Get A Full Set of H.A.M. Robes in OSRS

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H.A.M. Robes can be obtained from pickpocketing H.A.M. members, or by killing guards inside the H.A.M. Hideout (located just west of Lumbridge Castle).

Wearing this set will decrease the chances of getting kicked out when failing a pickpocket attempt inside their base. This effect increases with each piece you’re wearing.

Additionally, two full H.A.M. sets are required for a section of the Death To The Dorgeshuun quest.

The set consists of 7 pieces:

  • Ham Hood
  • Ham Shirt
  • Ham Robe
  • Ham Gloves
  • Ham Boots
  • Ham Cloak
  • Ham Logo

It’s worth noting that near the end of The Lost Tribe, you’ll obtain one hood, robe, and bottom, which you can keep for later use.

But let’s take a look at the two main methods for obtaining H.A.M. robes!


Getting Inside The H.A.M. Hideout

H.A.M. Hideout Location on the map / Old School RuneScape

Pictured above: the fastest routes to get to the H.A.M. Hideout

The entrance to their base is located in the ruins of a small house, located west of Lumbridge Castle near the Draynor Jail.

We’d suggest two good methods for getting here:

  • Amulet of Glory teleport (Draynor Village) and running east
  • Home Teleport (Lumbridge) or Lumbridge Teleport and running west

Either method is fine – because thankfully, it’s really easy to get there.

Once you arrive you’ll find a trapdoor with a ham symbol, which requires no Thieving level to open.

If you have one, a lockpick will make it faster.

Open it and enter the H.A.M. lair.


Method 1: Pickpocketing H.A.M. Members

Thieving at the HAM Hideout / OSRS

The quickest method for getting your robes is to pickpocket the members walking around the area.

This requires 15 Thieving (Women) or 20 Thieving (Men).

While men require a higher level & get granted more XP, the rates for H.A.M. gear are the same for both genders: at a 1/100 chance.

This would mean that, in theory, you’d need an average of 700 pickpockets for a full set.

While this seems like a lot, don’t worry!

If you’re doing Death To The Dorgeshuun and are at the part where you need these sets, the chance for getting a piece with each pickpocket is greatly increased.

But there’s still a chance to be kicked out or locked up if you fail a pickpocket.

Simply go back in if this happens.

It’s also recommended to equip the pieces as you get them, which helps reduce the chances of getting kicked out.


Method 2: Killing H.A.M. Guards

Fighting H.A.M. Guards / Old School RuneScape

If subtlety isn’t your strong point, then you may want to just kill Guards for your robes – since they can also drop H.A.M. set pieces.

These enemies can have a Combat Level of 12, 18, or 22.

And all of them:

  • Have the same drop rates
  • Attack with Melee
  • And are weak to magic (can be safespotted)

These guards can be found roaming the hideout.

The rates for H.A.M. pieces are not equal, though.

Some pieces (such as gloves) have a rate of 1/44, while others (such as cloaks) are 1/110. This increases your chances of dupes.

The drop rates from a H.A.M. guard for each item in the set are:

  • Ham Hood (1/110) (0.91%)
  • Ham Shirt (1/82.71) (1.22%)
  • Ham Robe (1/82.71) (1.22%)
  • Ham Gloves (1/44) (2.27%)
  • Ham Boots (1/55) (1.82%)
  • Ham Cloak (1/110) (0.91%)
  • Ham Logo (1/82.71) (1.22%)

Additionally, fighting enemies takes longer than a pickpocket attempt.

So ultimately, farming guards is the slower method that will take your longer compared to Thieving.

Nevertheless, it’s a decent option if your Thieving level is too low, if you’re getting unlucky, or if you simply prefer a Combat alternative.

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