Where Do You Get Ice Gloves in Old School RuneScape?

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The Ice Gloves can be obtained by defeating the Ice Queen in the dungeon beneath White Wolf Mountain.

While they are required in many quests and activities in OSRS, you can get them at any point in time, as long as you can reach and kill the Ice Queen.



  • A pickaxe
  • Level 50 Mining (Boostable)
  • Food and armor for lower leveled players
  • (Recommended) Level 43 Prayer, for Protect from Melee
  • (Recommended) A Stamina Potion and a teleport to leave

White Wolf Mountain & Ice Queen

White Wolf Mountain Entrance Location (Map) / OSRS

For the entire duration, you will run through level 55+ enemies such as wolves and ice warriors.

If you’re a low level player then be careful and bring food!

White Wolf Mountain is located east of Camelot, northwest of Camelot, and south of Burthorpe.

Climb it from any direction and head north. You’ll see a rockslide blocking your path towards some ladders.

Mining the Rockslide / Old School RuneScape

Right-click to mine them (Requires 50 Mining) and pass through.

Then head down the south ladder (highlighted in the picture) to get inside the dungeon.

Beginning of the dungeon (map) / OSRS

From here, walk west through the corridor until you reach the next chamber.

Climb up the only ladder you can reach.

Second overworld ladders / Old School RuneScape

You should be at the overworld again.

From the three available ladders, head down the easternmost one (highlighted above).

The long underground sprint (map) / OSRS

Back in the lower chamber again, you’ll have to run a big circle around the dungeon.

It’s a straight line, but be wary of the many Ice Giants you’ll have to pass. If you brought along a stamina potion then you can drink a dose here to make things smoother.

Third overworld ladders / Old School RuneScape

Once you reach the end, you’ll see a gate and a single ladder.

Head up the ladder, and then go down the only other ladder you’ll see (highlighted above).

Walk north to find yourself in the Ice Queen’s Lair.

The Ice Queen by her throne / OSRS

Once you’re here, all you have to do is kill the Ice Queen.

Despite her combat level of 111, she’s very weak to Magic. And her stats are rather low, with a max hit of 10.

Keep in mind that this is a multicombat area.

So Ice Warriors can aggro on you along with the Ice Queen, meaning you could get bursted down.

As such, some possible strategies are:

  • Protect from Melee to negate all damage
  • Safespotting her from the northwest corner with Magic or Range
  • Poisoning her and waiting for poison damage
Ice gloves dropped (close-up screenshot) / OSRS

That’s it!

Once the Ice Queen is defeated, she’ll drop your new Ice Gloves as loot (100% chance).

Simply pick them up, and then feel free to farm as many Ice Queens as you want for spares.

Once you’re done you can either teleport away or head back through the dungeon.

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