How To Get a Looting Bag in OSRS

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Looting Bags are dropped by defeating monsters of any level in the Wilderness. It’s worth noting that all combat levels will have the same chance for the drop.

While in your inventory, these bags can be used to deposit items inside them, effectively expanding your inventory size. As a drawback, you can only retrieve these items at a bank, so it’s best for extending your trips by storing actual loot.

You may only have one Looting Bag at a time, and it is lost upon death. If that happens, you’ll have to go get it back.

While you can get your Looting Bag in a number of ways, we’d like to recommend a specific method of farming Rats that’s consistent and quite fast.


Start: Edgeville Ditch

The Wilderness’ Edge / OSRS
The Wilderness’ Edge

Head to Edgeville, just south of the Wilderness.

Don’t forget, you’re headed to a PvP area – so don’t bring more than two items, and you won’t risk losing anything.

Road to the Farming Spot / Old School RuneScape
Road to the Farming Spot

Head north to the spot marked on the map.

You shouldn’t have to run through any strong enemies, and players don’t usually camp this area. Be careful though – because you never know where a PKer may be hiding!

The Rats’ Respawn Point / OSRS
The Rats’ Respawn Point

You’ll find a handful of level 1 Rats running around the area.

At this point yo’ll want to farm them until your Looting Bag drops.

This is because the drop rate is the same for all monsters, so this is the quickest one to kill while in a relatively safe area.

Additionally, these Rats respawn dramatically faster than other mobs, which means you won’t have to run around as much.

And lastly, rats are only able to hit 0’s on you, so you cannot die to them even as a Level 3 player.

Looting Bags drop at a rate of 1/15.

Given the Rat’s quick respawns, this shouldn’t take long at all – maybe a couple minutes at most, if you’re unlucky.

Once you get the drop, pick it up and head back south to Edgeville, or teleport away if you brought one.

That’s it, and congratulations on your Looting Bag!


Alternative: Last Man Standing Shop

Justine in Ferox Enclave / OSRS
Justine in Ferox Enclave

Another option to obtain a Looting Bag is to buy it from the Last Man Standing rewards shop, located in Ferox Enclave, next to the minigame.

This area can be reached by running north from Edgeville, using a Minigames teleport, or a Ring of Dueling.

Last Man Standing is a safe PvP minigame that works in a similar fashion to battle royales – many players enter and get disqualified as they die, receiving points based on their performance. These points can be later exchanged for rewards.

Looting Bags are worth 1 point in the rewards shop.

While this is the cheapest item in the shop, this is generally not recommended.


Because each game of Last Man Standing will take longer than farming the Looting Bag through normal means.

Additionally, these points could be better spent in other rewards, such as the costly Rune Pouch.

Despite this, if PvP suits your fancy or you have some points lying around, definitely come pick up your Looting Bag at Ferox Enclave!

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