How To Get Magic Secateurs in OSRS

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Magic Secateurs can be obtained during the Fairy Tale Pt. 1 quest, where they’re used as a weapon to defeat the Tanglefoot. Aside from being able to start this quest, there are no mandatory requirements to use the Secateurs.

After the quest, they can be wielded to increase your Farming yield by 10%, along with extra loot from the Herbiboar.

It’s worth noting that they must be worn in order to have this effect.

Since Zanaris and the entire Fairy questline are Members-only content, the Magic Secateurs are completely off-limits for free players.


Fairy Tale Pt. 1 – Growing Pains

Nature Grotto’s Location on the map / OSRS

Pictured above: Nature Grotto location on the map

You will have to follow the quest until Malignus Mortifier tells you to bring a pair of Secateurs and three items to the Nature Grotto.

These items are random and different for each player, so refer to a guide that suits you!

When you have those items, you’re headed to Mort Myre Swamp.

It’s worth noting that, if you’re bringing some sort of food item, you’ll have to be wary of Ghasts, since they can rot edibles.

Bring your druid pouch and a Ghostspeak Amulet!

The Nature Grotto (screenshot) / OSRS

The Nature Spirit will bless your secateurs, turning them into green Magic Secateurs.

While these are yours to keep and are already useful, they’re still a quest item. So it’s recommended to carry on with the quest.

Don’t worry, all you have to do is defeat the Tanglefoot and claim your rewards.

If you lose them before completing Fairy Tale Pt. 1, you’ll have to bring another three items and a pair of Secateurs to the Nature Grotto to reobtain them.


Obtaining Magic Secateurs Post-Quest

Malignus Mortifier close-up screenshot / OSRS

Once the quest is finished, Malignus Mortifier will change his dialogue.

Now he will offer extra pairs of Magic Secateurs for the price of 40,000 coins.

While this may be a bit pricey, it’s certainly more convenient than gathering three random items every time.

Additionally, there are good reasons to want spares, such as storing one in a Tool Leprechaun and building your POH.

And that’s it!

Magic Secateurs are a staple of mid-level accounts that are starting their Farming runs and Herbiboar grinds. Whether that’s the case, or if you’ve simply lost yours, come see Malignus Mortifier.

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