OSRS Papyrus: Where To Get It + Common Uses

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Papyrus is an item needed in quests of all levels and difficulties across Old School RuneScape.

Generally, it’s used specifically with charcoal to write something. Here’s a few quests where Papyrus used:

  • Enlightened Journey (Creating the air balloon)
  • Legends’ Quest (Mapping the Khazari Jungle)
  • The Golem (Writing a new program for the golem)

Aside from questing, you’ll also need a couple Papyrus for POH building.

They’re also sold for 20 coins or less, while fluctuating over 170 coins at the Grand Exchange.

As such, you’re bound to need a handful of Papyrus as time goes on.

While the Grand Exchange is generally convenient, we’d like to list the most convenient shops that sell Papyrus:

  • Jiminua’s Jungle Store (Karamja)
  • Obli’s General Store (Shilo Village)
  • Aemad’s Adventuring Supplies (Ardougne)
  • Rasolo the Wandering Merchant (Baxtorian Falls)

And while there are some natural spawns you could visit, those are usually out of the way, so it’s often more inconvenient to get them through spawns – even more so if you need large quantities.


Option 1: Jiminua’s General Store in Karamja

Jiminua’’s Shop in Karamja / Old School RuneScape

Jiminua sells Papyrus for 15 coins each.

While it’s easy to access and cheap, you might see other players trading (Such as ironman selling their fletching produce).

This shouldn’t be much of a problem, though – you might need a single world hop at most.

Jiminua’s Overworld location on map / OSRS

Above: Jiminua’s Overworld location on map

Her shop is located south of Brimhaven and north of Tai Bwo Wannai.

The best teleports to get here would be an Amulet of Glory to Karamja, or taking a boat to Brimhaven, and running south.


Option 2: Obli’s Shop in Shilo Village

Obli’s General Store Screenshot / OSRS

Obli’s store sells a variety of adventuring gear, such as charcoal, bronze bars, leather gear, and papyrus.

They sell for 15 coins each and are bound to always be in stock.

Being inside Shilo Village, though, the requirements are a little higher to get here.

Obli’s Overworld location on the map / OSRS

Above: Obli’s Overworld location on the map

The best option to get to Shilo Village is teleporting with Karamja Gloves 3 or 4, which will put you straight inside the area.

If those are not an option, we recommend traveling to Brimhaven, where Hajedy will give you a ride inside the village for 10-200 coins.

And don’t forget: In either case, completion of Shilo Village is required.


Option 3: Aemad’s Adventuring Supplies in Ardougne

Aemad’s Store in Ardougne / Old School RuneScape

Aemad’s shop also sells a bit of everything you might need, including:

  • Balls of wool
  • Arrows
  • Ropes
  • Papyrus (for 13 coins each)

It’s pretty easy to reach this shop too, even in the middle of a lot of activities.

Aemad’s Overworld location on the map / OSRS

Above: Aemad’s Overworld location on the map

His shop is located in the heart of East Ardougne, south of the Kandarin area.

The best teleport to get here would be the Ardougne teleport of the standard spellbook (Requires 51 Magic and completion of Plague City).

But if that’s too high, then the Ardougne Cloak 1 offers a teleport to the Monastery just south of Ardougne.


Option 4: Rasolo in Baxtorian Falls

Rasolo location screenshot / OSRS

Rasolo the Wandering Merchant sells all kinds of items, including dragon daggers, greenman’s ales, and waterskins.

Papyrus are 20 coins each, with a stock of 5.

While other options might be better for Papyrus, he could still have something else you need. So it wouldn’t be a wasted trip.

Rasolo’s location on the map / Old School RuneScape

Above: Rasolo’s location on the map

Rasolo can be found wandering around, located south of Baxtorian Falls and west of the Fishing Guild.

You can get here by teleporting to the Fishing Guild with a Skills Necklace and running north from Ardougne, or by teleporting to Barbarian Assault with a Games Necklace and running south.

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