How To Get Rune Boots in OSRS

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Rune Boots can be obtained by killing Nechryaels or Greater Necryarchs, getting the boots at a drop rate of 1/128. Doing this requires 80 Slayer (boostable), since players below this level will be unable to deal any damage to them.

Wearing the Rune Boots, on the other hand, simply requires 40 Defence.

As with all other metal boots, they cannot be created with the Smithing skill.

And since Nechryaels and the Slayer skill are completely off-limits for Free players, obtaining and wearing Rune Boots is restricted to Members.


Nechryaels: Locations & Tips

Fighting Nechryaels in Canifis (Screenshot) / OSRS

Regular Nechryaels can be found in Canifis’ Slayer Tower.

The top floor is available to all players at any time, while the ones in the basement are restricted to those currently in a Nechryael slayer task.

Boasting a Combat Level of 115 and a max hit of 11, Nechryaels can be quite tough to fight for lower level players.

While their 105 Hitpoints can be intimidating, their Defence stats are quite low – so they’re easy to hit.

A Death Spawns Appear / Old School RuneScape

As you fight these demons, they’ll spawn a minion to attack you.

These minions cannot be prayed against, but they don’t deal much damage.

If you’re a Guthan’s user, they’re perfect to heal with due to their low stats.

Rune Boots have a drop rate of 1/128 (0.78%).

So it’s highly likely to obtain them in a single Slayer task!

Bursting Nechryaels in Kourend / OSRS

Greater Nechryael, their stronger version, can be found inside the Kourend catacombs.

This is a multicombat area where they can be grouped up and killed.

As a result, this is often preferred by high-level players.

But with an immense Combat Level of 200, Greater Nechryael can hit you with up to 21 damage. And they have 205 Hitpoints with higher Defence bonuses.

This can be intimidating for any player, which is why Protect From Melee is used to completely mitigate their damage.

The Greater Death Spawns / OSRS

Greater Nechryael retain the same summon ability just like the regular Nechryaels.

These minions have highly increased stats, and can hit for a lot of damage, which cannot be prayed against.

As a result, it’s a common strategy to group them up and heal with Blood spells from the Ancient Spellbook – which hits enemies in an area and heals for a percentage of the damage dealt.

Rune Boots have the same drop chances here, just like regular Nechryaels.

While this might discourage players from going after the “Greater” versions, these Greater Nechryaels can be killed quicker due to the multicombat setting – and they yield better loot in the form of alchables and seeds.


Common Uses For Rune Boots

Rune Boots’ Stats (Equipment Screen) / OSRS

Rune Boots are somewhat unpopular due to Climbing Boots having highly similar stats, while also being a cheaper & easier alternative.

The Rune Boots offer a +2 Strength Bonus and a variety of melee defence bonuses.

While these bonuses are great for low-mid level accounts, Nechryaels require a Slayer level of 80. So you’ll already be pretty leveled up by the time you can go after a pair.

On the other hand, Climbing Boots are freely obtained from a low level quest, and Dragon Boots are available at level 83 Slayer.

This leaves Rune Boots as a slight upgrade that arrives much too late.

But Rune Boots are required for many tiers of Clue Scroll steps (Hard, Elite, and Master). So they’re mandatory for most treasure hunters!

While they are a small upgrade that doesn’t see much use in modern RuneScape, they can be of use to low level mains, or accounts such as Berserker Pures.

If that’s your situation then definitely go get yourself a pair.

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