How To Get a Skull Sceptre in Old School RuneScape

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The Skull Sceptre can be obtained by acquiring and combining four different pieces, namely:

  • The right skull half
  • The left skull half
  • The bottom of sceptre
  • The top of sceptre

These can all be found in the Stronghold of Security in Barbarian Village. One of them is dropped on each of the four floors of the dungeon.

While there are no hard requirements for obtaining and combining the Sceptre, a high combat level is required, since Level ~80 enemies must be defeated.

It’s worth noting that the Skull Sceptre is available to free-to-play players through this method, and no bonuses are available to Members players.


About the Stronghold of Security

The Stronghold’s Entrance (screenshot) / OSRS
The Stronghold’s Entrance (screenshot)

The entrance to the Stronghold of Security is located in the center of Barbarian Village, hidden between the mining rocks.

You may remember this dungeon if you’ve previously obtained the Colorful Boots.

This dungeon consists of four floors full of increasingly tough enemies.

On each floor, a different piece for the Skull Sceptre can be obtained as a drop from these monsters at a 1/33 rate.

Combining these four will create the weapon.

Once you’re ready, grab your best combat gear and head down to the first floor!


Floor 1: Right Skull Half (Minotaurs)

Killing Minotaurs in the Dungeon / OSRS
Killing Minotaurs in the Dungeon

On this first floor, Minotaurs of level 12 and 27 may drop the first piece. Either of them has the same chance!

Note: wolves or goblins can’t drop this item.

If you’d rather fight with ranged or magic, you may use the barricades in the rooms to safespot the minotaurs and kill them without taking any damage.

Even if you’re meleeing, though, they shouldn’t pose a threat; the strongest variant has a max hit of 3, and has 22 Hitpoints.

When you eventually obtain the first piece, you may simply head to the next floor, or get out of the dungeon and bank it for safety. It’s up to you!


Floor 2: Sceptre Bottom (Flesh Crawlers)

Farming Flesh Crawlers / OSRS
Farming Flesh Crawlers

On the second floor, you’ll want to kill Flesh Crawlers, of combat levels 28, 35, and 41.

These have a max hit of 1 and have 25 Hitpoints, so it should be easy enough!

The bad news is that Flesh Crawlers are way more inconvenient to safespot, because there are less available obstacles. Additionally, these enemies are aggressive, so they won’t leave you to attack in peace.

Whenever you’ve obtained the second piece, head down to the first floor.

We’re already at the halfway point!


Floor 3: Sceptre Top (Catablepons)

Slaying Catablepons / OSRS
Slaying Catablepons

On the third floor of the Stronghold you can obtain the Sceptre Top. This is obtained as a drop from Catablepons, of Combat Levels 49, 64 and 68.

These enemies are rather tough, with a max hit of 7 and 50 Hitpoints.

Additionally, aside from their melee attacks, they might reduce the player’s Strength level every now and then. It’s advised to stay out of range or to bring some sort of restore potion (for lower level players).

Tip: it is possible to safespot Catablepons with the vines around the northern room. Be careful though, they’re aggressive monsters, so another one may attack you!

Once you’ve obtained the third piece you’ll want to head to the fourth and final floor. One more to go!


Floor 4: Left Skull Half (Ankous)

Slaying Catablepons / OSRS
Slaying Catablepons

Your final challenge is to obtain a Left Skull Half as a drop from Ankous, of Combat Levels 75, 82, and 86.

These will be by far your toughest enemies, since they can hit for up to 10 damage and have up to 100 Hitpoints!

If you’re a low level player, do take your time and bring lots of food.

Similar to Catablepons, safespotting these will definitely be difficult due to their aggressive nature and small size.

Protect from Melee is recommended to avoid all damage from these undead enemies.

Once you obtain the last piece you can exit the dungeon – and congratulations will be in order!

To create the skull Sceptre, simply combine the items in this order:

  1. Combine both skulls to create the strange skull
  2. Combine both scepters to create the runed sceptre
  3. And then combine both pieces together

About the Skull Sceptre

Skull Sceptre’s Stats (screenshot) / OSRS
Skull Sceptre’s Stats (screenshot)

The Skull Sceptre offers slight magic and crush bonuses to the wearer, much like other staves.

When worn, Members may use it to autocast spells from the Arceuus spellbook (provided they have access to it).

Additionally, the Sceptre’s “Invoke” option will teleport the player to Barbarian Village, right at the Stronghold’s entrance at no cost. This will consume a charge, and the Sceptre will crumble to dust after the last charge is gone.

While the player may hold multiple Sceptres and pieces, it’s advised to imbue it.

And if you’re interested then let’s take a look at how!


Imbuing the Skull Sceptre

Solztun by the Cradle of Life / OSRS
Solztun by the Cradle of Life

Solztun is a ghost that can be found next to the Cradle of Life, on the center of the 4th floor of the Stronghold of Security (Remember that you can come back with the portals!)

He will imbue all your Skull Sceptres for free, as long as you:

  • Show him the boots you’ve obtained from this dungeon
  • And have an active authenticator on your account

This can be done as many times as you’d like, but the imbue will disappear if at any point you disable your two-factor authentication.

Imbued sceptres will not break when their last charge is used.

Instead, they can be recharged with Bone Fragments, which can be obtained by using a chisel on extra Sceptre pieces. Additionally, this effect increases with completion of the Varrock Achievement Diary.

Skull Sceptres are valuable to Free players due to the lack of teleports for F2P. It’s also an awesome-looking staff, so if you’re up for the challenge then go get yours at the Stronghold of Security.

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