Where Do You Get The Soul Bearer in OSRS?

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The Soul Bearer can be obtained as a reward from the Bear your Soul miniquest, which has no requirements (other than a Spade). This is started in Arceuus, and finished in Taverley Dungeon.

Once repaired and charged, this Soul Bearer will allow you to send Ensouled Heads to your bank without leaving your training spot.

This can be repeated as many times as necessary.

Since Kourend, Taverley, and Ensouled Heads are all members-only content, the Soul Bearer and all of its uses are completely off-limits for Free players.

That said, let’s cover a step-by-step guide on how to get your hands on this.


Step 1: Arceuus Library Searching

Searching the Arceuus Library / OSRS
Searching the Arceuus Library

Head to the Arceuus Library in Great Kourend.

We recommend the teleport in the Arceuus Spellbook, the fairy ring just north (c-i-s), or a Xeric’s Talisman (Heart).

We’re looking for a book called “The Journey of Souls”. This can be on any shelf, since the books are shuffled every couple minutes.

Searching the Arceuus Library / OSRS
Searching the Arceuus Library

There are a couple of ways to do this:

  • You can brute force it by searching every bookshelf, or maybe you could do this with a group of players to finish quickly
  • Or you can offer help to NPCs

These NPCs will ask you for a particular book, which can be located with the help of Biblia (located on the top floor). Eventually one of them will ask for the Journey of Souls, and Biblia will give you its exact location.

This first section is by far the longest of the miniquest, so don’t be discouraged!

When you eventually find it, left-click to read it.

Then we’ll need to find the author, Aretha, in the outskirts of Arceuus.


Step 2: Obtaining the Soul Bearer

Aretha by the Soul Altar / OSRS
Aretha by the Soul Altar

Aretha can be found walking around the Soul Altar, just north of Arceuus.

There are no requirements or shortcuts to get to her.

Once you’re here, talk to her and ask about the book. She will tell you that the Soul Bearer is buried in the Arceuus Church, just east of the Library, and that the Cerberus Keymaster may be able to help repair it.

Arceuus Church Courtyard / OSRS
Arceuus Church Courtyard

Make your way to the Arceuus Church located southeast of the Library.

Climb any of the two staircases, and head down the staircase slightly west. You’ll find yourself in the courtyard.

Simply dig with your Spade in any spot, and you will retrieve a damaged Soul Bearer.

All we need to do now is to repair it and we’re good to go!


Step 3: Repairing the Soul Bearer

Taverley Dungeon Routes on Map / OSRS
Taverley Dungeon Routes on Map

Pictured above: Various routes for the Taverly Dungeon

The Keymaster is located just inside Cerberus’ Lair in Taverley Dungeon. There are a lot of shortcuts and possibilities, but we’d like to suggest three general routes:

  • Green Line: Requires level 81 Agility (Fastest)
  • Yellow Line: Requires level 63 Agility (Intermediate)
  • Red Line: No requirements (Slowest)

Bear in mind that any route except the green route will pass by blue dragons.

Make sure to bring an antifire shield, an antifire potion, or Protect from Magic!

The Key Master NPC / OSRS
The Key Master NPC

Head inside the cave where you’ll find the Keymaster standing in the middle of the path.

Talking to him and he’ll permanently repair your Soul Bearer!

You may now recharge it and use it as long as you want. Its mechanics are detailed below.


Soul Bearer Uses & Mechanics

Charging up the Soul Bearer / OSRS
Charging up the Soul Bearer

The Soul Bearer can send any Ensouled Heads you’re currently carrying to your bank.

To do this, use a head with the Bearer to bring up the interface. Each banked head will consume one charge.

Charging the Soul Bearer requires Blood and Soul runes.

You’ll gain one charge for every pair of runes fused into the item. You may retrieve your runes from the Bearer at any time (if you haven’t used them, of course).

This can be useful for mid-level accounts or Ironmen that wish to stock up on Ensouled Heads for prayer training, or to further profit from their Slayer tasks.

Note: each charge is worth around ~500 coins in current prices. You would then profit for every head worth at least that amount, were you to sell them.

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