How Do You Get To Baxtorian Falls in OSRS?

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Baxtorian Falls is located in western Kandarin, north of Ardougne, and south of the Barbarian Outpost.

There are no mandatory requirements to reach this area.

But Baxtorian Falls is restricted to members only, since the Kandarin area (where it’s located) is completely off limits for free-to-play players.


Teleports & Routes To Baxtorian Falls

Baxtorian Falls Location + Routes on the map / OSRS

We’d like to suggest 5 ways of getting to Baxtorian Falls, listed from best to worst:

  • Minigames teleport (Barbarian assault) and running south (Green line)
  • Games Necklace (Barbarian Assault) and running south (Green line)
  • Royal Seed Pod, then heading north to the Agility shortcut (37 Agility) (Yellow line)
  • Skills Necklace (Fishing Guild) and running north (Blue line)
  • Ardougne Teleport and running north (Pink line)

The Minigames teleport and Games Necklace are the best options for sure, since they leave you near the big waterfall.

The Skills Necklace is a pretty decent option too, although it is a bit further away.

And even more so with Ardougne Teleport, which leaves you further down south. In this case you may want to bring a Stamina Potion depending on your weight.

Or if you’ve finished Monkey Madness II and have 37 Agility, you can teleport to the Gnome Stronghold and climb the rocks on the side to reach the Barbarian Fishing spot.

But once you get here, what’s there to do in Baxtorian Falls?

Let’s dive in and see what’s here.


The Barbarian Assault Minigame

Barbarian Outpost screenshot / Old School RuneScape

North of the Falls you’ll find the Barbarian Outpost, home of the Barbarian Assault minigame. There are no requirements to participate, but a high combat level is highly recommended.

This minigame consists of waves of enemies which must be defeated.

To this end, players join in teams of five, with four different roles (“Classes”, if you will). Each of them has a different task and enemies to take care of:

  • Attacker
  • Collector
  • Defender
  • Healer

For more details on these roles & how they work, check out this beginner’s guide.

Waves will get more intense and punishing as you advance.

The 10th and last wave houses a boss, the Penance Queen. Players must coordinate their abilities to take her down, finishing the minigame and earning bonus points.

Barbarian Assault’s Rewards / OSRS

Points are assigned separately for each role.

These can be exchanged to improve a role’s abilities, purchase items, or if you’re feeling lucky, you can gamble them for a shot at the Penance Queen pet!


Otto’s Barbarian Training

Otto Godblessed’s Hut screenshot / OSRS

Barbarian Training is an expansion which grants you additional ways to use four of your skills: Fishing, Herblore, Smithing and Firemaking.

Otto Godblessed, by the lake above the waterfall, will teach you his ways one by one.

Players Barbarian Fishing near Baxtorian Falls / OSRS

Barbarian Fishing will teach you to fish without a harpoon.

This will require a higher Fishing level and some Strength levels, though. For example, fishing sharks requires 96 Fishing and 76 Strength, as opposed to the usual 76 Fishing.

The catch speed is exactly the same with either method.

Otto will also teach you to fish in the lake with a barbarian rod, which requires Fishing, Agility, and Strength levels.

This grants XP in all 3 required skills upon catching a leaping Trout, Salmon, or Sturgeon. While these can be used for Barbarian Herblore, they’re usually powerdropped as a grinding method, since the XP rates for Fishing are quite high considering how AFK this can be.

Player doing Barbarian Herblore / OSRS

Barbarian Herblore consists of mixing 2-dose potions with Roe or Caviar, which is obtained by using a knife on the fish you’ve caught.

This requires a slightly higher Herblore level than the original potion.

With this you’ll obtain a Mix, which also heals 3-6 hitpoints, as well as the original potion effect. The downside is that while Potions can carry 4 doses, Mixes are restricted to 2.

Player doing Barbarian Smithing / OSRS

Barbarian Smithing consists of making Spears and Hastae.

These weapons range from bronze to rune. And in order to make one, you’ll need to bring:

  • A hammer
  • Two metal bars
  • Two logs of the same tier (example: 2 bronze and 2 logs, 2 iron and 2 oak, etc).

These weapons can be poisoned with Karambwanji paste.

Additionally, Otto may convert your Zamorakian Spears to Zamorakian Hastae for 300k coins each. This can be reverted for no additional cost.

Screenshot of Barbarian Firemaking / OSRS

Barbarian Firemaking consists of lighting fires with a bow, just like a Tinderbox is used.

This requires a higher Firemaking level than usual (For example, regular logs need Level 21).

And lastly, Otto will teach you about Pyre ships.

These involve cremating the remains of a Barbarian, granting XP and a random item as a reward.

This item has a 1/256 chance of being a Dragon Full Helm, with a current price of 55m coins! (as of this writing)

Chewed Bones may only be obtained by defeating Mithril Dragons, an incredibly tough monster, so be wary if you’d like to challenge them!


The Waterfall Dungeon

Inside the Waterfall Dungeon / Old School RuneScape

As the name implies, this dungeon is located beneath Baxtorian Falls, and it’s unlocked during the Waterfall Quest sequence.

This dungeon is home to high level monsters, such as Fire Giants. And you have the ability to safespot many of them.

As a result, it’s common for low level players to camp this location in hopes of a Rune Scimitar drop.

Additionally, the dungeon takes part in later quests such as Song of the Elves.

We don’t want to spoil anything here, but there’s more to this place than meets the eye!


Facilities and Lore

Glarial’s Tomb screenshot / OSRS

Baxtorian Falls is heavy on lore and questing.

As a result, there are lots of landmarks and NPC’s that hold lots of information for world building.

Here’s a few areas worth checking out:

Captain Lawgof is fighting an eternal battle against the goblins with his cannon inside his outpost. Perhaps with a bit of help he’ll let you own one yourself!

The Tourist Information Center holds information on key pieces of lore such as Lord Baxtorian, who established the Elven kingdom. Outside is Rasolo, a wandering merchant that sells a variety of interesting items, and plays a key role in Desert Treasure.

Glarial’s Tomb lays silently in the center of the area, completely sealed off in hopes that no one may enter with the intention of disrupting this peaceful place.

Surely this means there’s nothing else to it, right?

Barbarian Guard by the Gate / OSRS

Maybe we’re kinda bringing down the mood… so how about some drinks?

Barbarians will accept you as one of their own if you complete Alfred’s Barcrawl, a test that consists of traveling to multiple inns and taking their signature drinks… and hopefully making it back in one piece.

They’ll even help you grind some Agility and teach you to smash vials when you finish potions!

The list goes on and on.

All of these and so much more can be found around the area.

Whether you’re interested in lore, questing, or new skills, you’re bound to enjoy your visit here.

Baxtorian Falls holds so many great activities, including minigames, skilling, combat, and world building stuff.

This makes for a highly popular area where there’s always people running around.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your trekking gear and come on over!

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