OSRS: How Do You Get To Burthorpe & The Warriors’ Guild?

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Burthorpe is located north of Taverley and east of Catherby.

There are no requirements in order to reach and enter any of the town’s facilities.

Since the location is closed off by members-only areas such as Taverley and White Wolf Mountain, Burthorpe is completely off limits for free-to-play players regardless of their levels.


Teleports & Routes To Burthorpe

Burthorpe location and routes / OSRS

We’d like to suggest 5 ways of getting here, listed below from best to worst:

  1. Games Necklace teleport (Burthorpe)
  2. Strength Skillcape or Combat Bracelet teleport (Warrior’s Guild)
  3. Falador teleport and running north (Red line)
  4. Camelot teleport and running east (Green line)
  5. Amulet of Glory teleport (Edgeville) and running east (Cyan line)

The Combat Bracelet, Skillcape, and Games Necklace are all great choices here. Since they all leave you inside of the town.

All other options will make you walk for a while – which is OK if that’s all you have access to.

Marked in pink on the map above, you’ll find a shortcut you can use if you have 14 Agility and have completed the Falador easy diary.

With our traveling directions cleared up, let’s take a quick look at the activities around Burthorpe:


The Warrior’s Guild

Warrior’s Guild entrance / Old School RuneScape

The Warrior’s Guild can be entered by players that have either 99 Attack, 99 Strength, or Level 130 by combining these two skills together.

This guild offers various shops that can be great for low leveled players, including the two Skillcape vendors.

But most importantly, you can obtain a Dragon Defender here. This is a great offhand weapon used by most (if not all) players, from mid to end game.

Definitely get yours if you’re worthy of the Warrior’s Guild!


The Rogues’ Den

Rogues’ Den Hideout / OSRS

The Rogues’ Den lies beneath the Toad and Chicken Inn, the tavern in Burthorpe.

All players may enter this area.

Inside you’ll find a permanent bonfire with a bank NPC, making this an ideal place for your Cooking efforts.

Near that is Martin Thwait, vendor of thieving supplies and the Thieving Skillcape, if you’ve proven your mastery in this skill.

Or maybe you feel like dressing up?

Then you can obtain your Rogue and Graceful outfits in this area.

The Rogue outfit is obtained in the Rogues’ Den minigame at the north of the area, while Graceful outfit can be purchased from Grace by the southern wall – provided you have enough Marks of Grace.

You’re bound to come to the Den for any of these conveniences!


Turael, the Slayer Master

Turael’s house in Burthorpe / OSRS

Turael is the first and lowest level Slayer Master available to all players.

He’ll assign your first tasks as you start your Slayer journey, and also lend a hand in some quests over time.

Lots of players come here often to do Turael Skipping: a slayer points farming technique where many low level tasks are completed, followed by a single hard task to obtain the streak bonus points.

Beginner or endgame players should definitely come say hi to Turael sometime.

And that’s it!

Burthorpe offers a big variety of content available to players of all kinds of levels.

These will all be a great help in your journey for sure. So whether you’d like a weight-reducing set, or to push some quests, or to unlock a free and almost best-in-slot offhand, Burthorpe is the place to go.

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