How Do You Get To The Champions’ Guild in OSRS?

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The Champions’ Guild is located just south of Varrock, and west of the Dark Wizards’ stone circle. Entering the Guild requires a minimum of 32 quest points from any amount of quests.

This area is available to both members and free players alike, though F2P players have fewer available quests to achieve the required points.


Teleports & Routes To Champions’ Guild

Champions’ Guild location and routes on map / OSRS

We’d like to suggest 4 ways of getting to the Champions’ Guild, listed below from best to worst:

  • Combat Bracelet teleport (Champions’ Guild) (Members)
  • Chronicle teleport
  • Canoe to Champions’ Guild (Yellow circle above)
  • Varrock teleport and running south (Blue line above)

The first three leave you right outside the Guild, so pick any of those if they’re available to you.

Chronicles and their teleport cards can be purchased from Diango, in Draynor Village.

Canoes will require a Woodcutting level according to the distance traveled (For example, traveling from Lumbridge requires 12 Woodcutting).

But if you’re a free player then the Chronicle teleport is likely your best bet.

So with all these methods of getting to the guild, what is there to do inside the Champions’ Guild? Let’s take a look:


Champions’ Guild Ground Floor

Champions’ Guild’s ground floor / OSRS

The Guildmaster will greet you as you enter.

With him you can start Dragon Slayer, the last and hardest quest for free players that gives the ability to wear Rune Platebodies!

In the yard you’ll find some chickens. And hidden among them is a Level 159 Evil Chicken.

This fowl beast is the now-deleted Evil Chicken random event. It drops the usual chicken loot and a big stack of feathers, so it’s just a test of might.

Go ahead if you’re feeling brave!

If you succeed, feel free to cook yourself a chicken meal in the back, where there’s a cooking range available to all players.


Champions’ Guild First Floor

Champions’ Guild first floor screenshot / OSRS

The first floor houses two NPC shops, which sell a variety of low-to-mid-level gear, and they’re also available for free players.

Scavvo sells a variety of rune gear, which includes:

  • Rune (long)swords
  • Rune platelegs/plateskirts
  • Rune maces and chainbodies
  • Green d’hide vambraces and chaps

Valaine sells rather miscellaneous gear:

  • Black full helm and platelegs
  • Blue capes
  • Adamant Platebodies

If something piques your interest here then by all means pick it up.


Champions’ Guild Basement

Basement and Hall of Champions Guild / OSRS

Exclusive to members, the basement of the Guild is where the Champion’s Challenge takes place.

This minigame consists of defeating 11 champions, each one representing a different race within RuneScape.

In order to face them, you’ll need to receive a Champion Scroll as a drop from an enemy of their same race (for example, skeletons may drop the Skeleton champion scroll).

These are extremely rare, dropping at a rate of 1 in 5000.

As a result, players usually have to heavily farm enemies to get them.

Defeating a champion will grant you some Hitpoints and Slayer XP.

Defeating 10 champions qualifies you to fight the last one, Leon D’Cour, of the human race.

Besting him will complete the minigame and unlock the Champion’s Cape, a cosmetic item with no stats, but certainly a rare item worth gloating about.

The Champions’ Guild is a classic early game achievement for all kinds of accounts, and a late game achievement for completionists.

Be it capes, killing dragons, or smashing chickens, the Champions’ Guild awaits you with plenty of activities.

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