How Do You Get To The Farming Guild in OSRS?

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The Farming Guild is located in the Kebos Lowlands, south of Mount Karuulm, and north of the Swamp.

To enter the Farming Guild you’ll need a minimum of 45 Farming and 60% Hosidius favour.

To enter all areas of the Guild, a minimum of 85 Farming is required (more details on this below).

And since this is a members-only area, the guild is completely off limits for free-to-play accounts.


Teleports & Routes To The Farming Guild

Farming Guild location and routes on the map / OSRS

We’d like to suggest 4 ways of getting to the Farming Guild, listed from best to worst:

  • Farming Skillcape teleport
  • Skills Necklace teleport (Farming Guild)
  • Fairy Ring to Mount Karuulm (c-i-r) and running south (Cyan line on map)
  • Battlefront teleport, and running west (Pink line on map)

The first two methods leave you right outside the Guild, so pick either of those if they’re available to you.

A spirit tree may also be planted inside the Farming Guild, allowing for other transportation methods if you’ve already been there.

But what’s actually inside the Farming Guild that you’d want to visit? Let’s check it out:


Farming Guild Areas

Farming Guild areas circled on the map / OSRS

While the building is accessible at level 45 Farming, there are three areas inside the Farming Guild.

Each of them has a different level requirement, patches, and uses. Check the map above as a reference for these three areas:

Pink Circle: Requires Level 45 Farming. Access to a bank chest, Master Farmer, and seed vault. Unlocks bush, flower, cactus, and allotment patches.

Cyan Circle: Requires Level 65 Farming. Access to Hespori boss and a Master Farmer. Unlocks tree, herb, and anima patches.

Red Circle: Requires Level 85 Farming. Access to a bank booth and a Master Farmer. Unlocks redwood, spirit tree, fruit tree, and celastrus patches.


The Seed Vault

Farming Guild’s Seed Vault Close-up Screenshot / OSRS

The seed vault, available at Level 45, acts as a secondary bank for all kinds of seeds.

And it will definitely help you manage your inventory space during your Farming efforts.

You can even choose to “Favorite” certain seeds so they always show on top!

If you’d like to start filling it up, Amelia stands next to the Vault and sells a variety of low level allotment and hops seeds.


Big Compost Bin

Compost Bin in Eastern Wing of the Farming Guild / OSRS

The big compost bin is in the eastern wing, available to access at Level 45.

It has double the capacity of all other compost bins in the game, while taking the same amount of time.

This means you can create 30 doses of compost in one go, instead of 15.

It’s worth noting that while it only needs one dose of compost potion to transform into Supercompost, it will need double the Volcanic Ash to convert into Ultracompost (50 ash instead of 25).


Guildmaster Jane’s Contracts

Guildmaster Jane close-up screenshot / OSRS

Standing at the Guild entrance, Guildmaster Jane offers farming contracts for all players.

In short, she’ll assign you a crop you need to grow, allowing you to come back for a reward.

This reward is a seed pack, which can be opened for a handful of seeds varying in quantity and quality.

It’s also worth noting that you may grow your crops in advance in order to complete Contracts faster, but you will need to check-health AFTER starting your task.

Contracts have varying difficulties of Easy, Medium, and Hard (Requiring 45, 65 and 85 Farming respectively).

These increase the amount and quality of the seeds obtained. If a contract is deemed too hard for the player, then you may ask the Guildmaster for an easier contract, which will lower the difficulty and reward.


Hespori Patch & Rewards

A Fully Grown Hespori / OSRS

Hespori, the Farming boss, is a tree commonly found in Morytania that you may grow with 65 Farming.

While the Combat Level of 284 is definitely scary, it’s definitely easier than bosses of similar level.

Defeating it will grant a good amount of Farming XP, some seeds, a chance for a Bottomless Compost Bucket, and some Anima Seeds (explained below).

Hespori is ready to go / OSRS

The Hespori seed takes 22-32 hours to grow and can’t get diseased, but Compost will not yield extra loot.

And the Hespori flower in the back of the entrance will bloom once the boss is fully grown, so there’s no need to go in to check it.


Anima Seeds & Uses

A Cycled Attas Plant close-up screenshot / OSRS

The Anima seeds obtained from Hespori may be planted in the patch just south of the cave.

Unlike all other seeds, they’re not harvested when they grow. Instead they bring a bonus to all other patches while they grow.

These bonuses are as follows:

Attas seeds: Increases yield from farming patches.
Iasor seeds: Decreases chance of patches becoming diseased (Stacks with compost)
Kronos seeds: Gives patches a chance to skip a farming cycle (i.e. to grow faster)

These bonuses start when the Anima Seed is planted, and ends when it dies, lasting about three and a half days.

Grinding Hespori will keep your Anima Seeds in stock, so definitely try to keep cycling them for their global benefits.


Redwood Tree Patch

The Redwood Patch in the Farming Guild / OSRS

A Redwood Tree can be grown in the North wing of the Guild, requiring 90 Farming and taking about 106 hours.

And this is the only patch in the game where this may be done.

This may be convenient for many players since no other players can climb their own tree.

Nevertheless, this area lacks the invisible +7 boost from the Woodcutting Guild. And as a result, it is generally more efficient to use the “public” redwood tree instead.


Celastrus Tree Patch

Celastrus tree patch close-up / OSRS

Requiring Level 85 Farming, Celastrus Trees can be grown in their special patch in the north wing of the Guild.

Once fully grown, their bark can be chopped down and crafted into battlestaves. This is currently the only way to get them aside from drops and NPC shops.

Their yield can be increased with Magic Secateurs and/or Attas seeds.

Prices can change a lot, so it may or may not be profitable to grow Celastrus Trees depending on the current situation.

It’s worth noting that once the tree is harvested, it will go hollow and not grow back. This means you’ll have to grow a new Celastrus tree every time.

If you’re on your way to 99 Farming, they can definitely be a huge XP boost for your Farming runs.

And that’s it!

The Farming Guild has a lot of content, activities, and bonuses to aid you in your Farming efforts.

Whether you’re looking for some combat, task-oriented skilling, or would like to punch some undead trees, the Farming tree has your bark!

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