How Do You Get To The Fishing Guild in OSRS?

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The Fishing Guild is located north of Ardougne and southwest of Seers’ Village.

Entering the guild requires 68 Fishing (boostable).

And despite being a free-to-play skill, the Fishing Guild is members-only since the Kandarin area where it’s located is completely off limits for free players.


Teleports & Routes To The Fishing Guild

Fishing Guild location and routes on map / OSRS

We’d like to suggest 4 ways of getting to the Fishing Guild, ranked from best to worst below:

  • Fishing Skillcape teleport
  • Skills Necklace teleport (Fishing Guild)
  • Ardougne teleport, and running north (Pink)
  • Camelot/Seers’ teleport, and running southwest (Red)

It’s worth noting that the Ardougne teleport requires the completion of “Biohazard”, and the Seers’ teleport is available after completing the Hard Kandarin diaries.

Now let’s take a quick look at the activities inside the Fishing Guild:


Items & Facilities Inside The Guild

Roachey’s shop inside the Guild / OSRS

The Fishing Guild offers a harpoon, lobster pot, and big fishing net spawns near the entrance.

Heading west, Roachey sells a variety of fishing bait and fish.

This shop is bound to be in stock, so it’s one of the better options for getting fishing bait and feathers in bulk!

Up north there’s a bank with a deposit box, allowing you to fish and bank as much as you want.

But what is there to fish, and why should you do it here?


Fishing Activities And Boosts

Fishing at docks inside the Fishing Guild / OSRS

The Fishing Guild offers an invisible +7 level boost to Fishing.

This stacks with boosts such as the Dragon Harpoon, so it’s a great place to stock up on fish as there is a bank just a couple tiles away.

The fish available at the docks are:

  • Lobster (Cage)
  • Swordfish, Tuna and Shark (Harpoon)
  • Mackerel, Cod and Bass (Big fishing net)
  • Minnows (See Minnows section below)

Barbarian fishing may be used if you want to skip bringing a harpoon.

And the north dock is generally more convenient, since it’s closer to the bank.


Fishing & Exchanging Minnows

Kylie on the Fishing Guild docks / OSRS

Minnows are small and agile fish that can be exchanged for sharks.

They offer a faster yet more intensive method of getting sharks (compared to fishing for sharks), along with decent XP rates.

Minnows require a Fishing level of 82, completion of Fishing Contest, and a complete Angler’s Outfit – which can be obtained from the Fishing Trawler minigame.

Fishing Minnows on the platform / OSRS

If you meet these requirements, talk to Kylie Minnow on the north dock of the Guild and she’ll take you to their platform for as long as you’d like.

It’s worth noting that the invisible +7 level boost does not apply in this area.

Minnows can be fished with a small fishing net.

Two spots are available in each rectangle, and they move at a fixed rate of 15 seconds.

Additionally, a fly fishing spot might appear instead of a minnow one; Fishing here will start draining your minnows stack until you move away.

Once you’ve had enough, talk to Kylie Minnow to trade your catch for sharks at a rate of 40 minnows per shark.

This makes for a more intensive method where you have to pay attention and move quickly, but yields drastically more sharks per hour than regular gathering.
And this is especially useful for Ultimate Ironmen, as Kylie will hand you noted raw sharks, which are crucial for inventory space management.

And that’s it!

The Fishing Guild offers few yet highly useful activities and bonuses, which can all aid in your gathering efforts.

When you’re ready, pick up your fishing gear and head to the Guild to start pulling up fish.

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