How To Get To Keldagrim in OSRS (Fastest Methods)

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Keldagrim, the city of dwarves, is located inside a cave east of Rellekka and north of Seers’ Village, on both sides of River Kelda.

While there are no hard requirements to get inside the city, taking the ferry across the river will start the Giant Dwarf quest.

In this guide we’ll share the best ways to reach Keldagrim, ranked from best to worst. Choose whichever method adapts best to what you have unlocked!

Note: since the Fremennik Province and its surroundings are members-only content, Keldagrim is completely off-limits for Free players.


Option 1: Blast Furnace Teleport

Casting a Minigames Teleport / Old School RuneScape
Casting a Minigames Teleport

The quickest and most direct way to Keldagrim is through the Blast Furnace teleport.

This will leave you just outside the minigame’s chamber, located inside the city.

While this teleport has no cost and works similar to a Home Teleport, players will need to visit Keldagrim at least once before being able to use it.

The only drawback to the Blast Furnace teleport is that it shares a cooldown with all other locations. So after teleporting, the Minigames Teleport cannot be used for 20 minutes.

This does not share a cooldown with Home Teleport.


Option 2: Grand Exchange Minecarts

Minecart Station in the Grand Exchange / Old School RuneScape
Minecart Station in the Grand Exchange

Minecart stations are quick-travel spots that connect Keldagrim with a handful of other locations, such as the Grand Exchange.

This is highly convenient, since it’s located in Varrock, which is really easy to get to and has a multitude of useful teleports.

Minecart stations are unlocked by traveling from Keldagrim to the respective location. This means you must visit Keldagrim once before using these (they’re permanently unlocked after the first trip).

This makes for a really quick and convenient way to travel a large distance in little time.

If you haven’t visited Keldagrim yet, let’s take a look at other options!


Option 3: Fremennik Slayer Cave

Fremennik Slayer Cave Entrance / Old School RuneScape
Fremennik Slayer Cave Entrance

The Fremennik Slayer Cave is located south of the Keldagrim entrance. This makes for a teleport that’s just a short run away from the City’s entrance.

There are two main teleport options here:

  1. A Slayer Ring (purchased from a Slayer Master)
  2. Or a Fairy Ring (AJR)

Both will leave you in similar spots, just west of the cave’s entrance.

Simply run north to get to Keldagrim!

This method is generally convenient, since Slayer Rings are easy to come by, and Fairy Rings are a permanent unlock that’s heavily used by mid-level accounts.


Option 4: Paths for Longer Runs

Possible Routes to Keldagrim / Old School RuneScape
Possible Routes to Keldagrim

If none of the previous methods are an option, we’d like to offer this map with a handful of routes you can take.

While Keldagrim is in a rather niche location, there are many ways to get there depending on what you have available:

The suggested routes are as follows:

  1. Enchanted Lyre/Home Teleport to Relekka, and running North (Red line)
  2. Charter Ship to Catherby, and running North (Blue line)
  3. Reach Ardougne (teleports, ships, etc) and run North (Yellow line)
  4. Reach Falador (teleports, running), cross White Wolf Mountain, and run North (White line)

These are ranked from best to worst.

While the first three are acceptable, we strongly suggest against using the White path. This is because it is quite a long journey that will take several minutes.

Additionally, White Wolf Mountain is inhabited by dangerous high-level wolves that can hit for high damage.

Just remember that whatever method you choose, you’ll only have to do this trip once (unlocking the best teleports after), so definitely get it out of the way when you can.

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