How Do You Get To The Mining Guild in OSRS?

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The Mining Guild is located beneath Falador, next to the Dwarven Mines, requiring Level 60 Mining to enter (boostable).

This is accessible to both free-to-play players and P2P members, although there is a members-only area with more features.

Mining Guild entrances on the map / OSRS

The Mining Guild has two main entrances, available for both types of players:

  • Ladders in the Guild building in Falador (overworld)
  • Door in the Dwarven Mines
Teleports and Routes to the Mining Guild / OSRS

And these are the 4 main ways of getting to the Mining Guild:

  • Skills Necklace to the Mining Guild (Yellow circle) (Recommended)
  • Falador Teleport (Pink line)
  • Ring of Wealth to Falador Park (Green line)
  • Cabbage Port with Explorer’s Ring 2 or higher (Blue line)

The Skills Necklace is the recommended method since it’s the fastest.

It puts you next to the underground Guild door, as shown in Entrances map above.

Cabbage Port, being the farthest away, is the slowest and least recommended teleport.


Activities Inside The Mining Guild

Mining inside the Guild (close-up) / OSRS

The Mining Guild doesn’t offer much for free-to-play players, and this is pretty much what they can access:

  • Rocks up to Adamantite
  • A pickaxe shop (selling up to Rune)
  • An ore shop with 0 stock

For members, on the other hand, the guild offers a big variety of content:

  • A high volume of rocks, up to Runite
  • An invisible +7 level boost to Mining
  • Rocks respawn in half the usual time
  • An exit into Motherlode Mine
  • Bank chests, deposit boxes, and poll booths
  • A chance of obtaining unidentified minerals (Explained below)
  • Amethyst mining (Explained below)

Getting & Using Unidentified Minerals

Belona inside the Mining Guild / OSRS

As you mine inside the Guild, you may obtain Unidentified Minerals as bonus loot.

The chances of obtaining some minerals increases with each Ore’s required level.

And these minerals can be exchanged for Regular and Superior Mining Gloves, which give you a chance of not depleting a rock when mining it, increasing your efficiency.

Additionally, you can exchange these with some Minerals to combine them into a single pair of Expert gloves, which also work with Amethyst.

Lastly, you may also turn in some ores to purchase packs of gems or soft clay.


Mining Amethyst Veins

Gathering Amethyst inside the Mining Guild / OSRS

With Level 92 Mining (boostable), you’re able to mine the Amethyst veins found in the southern part of the Guild.

These can later be fletched for Amethyst ranging supplies.

Amethyst veins take a long time to mine, even at 99 Mining, but may yield more than one ore if you’re wearing Expert Mining Gloves.

This results in low XP rates, but also a highly profitable AFK activity.

So it’s great to do on the side!

All that said, if you’re a P2P member, you’re bound to visit the Mining Guild at some point to reap its benefits.

So grab your Prospector gear, a pickaxe, and get swinging at those rocks!

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