How Do You Get To The Myths’ Guild in OSRS?

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The Myths’ Guild is located in southern Feldip Hills, west of the Corsair Cove.

You’ll need to complete Dragon Slayer II before you can enter the guild. That quest is started at the Guild’s entrance, given that you meet the requirements.

Even though the Corsair Cove is nearby, the Myths’ Guild is completely off limits to free-to-play players, due to its requirements and the content that it offers.


Teleports & Routes To The Myths’ Guild

Myths’ Guild Location and Routes on the map / OSRS

We’d like to suggest 5 ways of getting to the Myths’ Guild, listed below from best to worst:

  • Myths’ Cape teleport
  • Spirit Tree to Myths’ Guild (Green circle above)
  • Travel to Corsair Cove and run west (Red line above)
  • Dueling Ring teleport (Castle Wars) and run south (Cyan line above)
  • Watchtower or Nightmare Zone teleport, and run south (Pink line above)

Using the Myths’ Cape is your best option for sure, since it places you inside the Guild.

The spirit tree is a close second, since it puts you just outside the guild. Everything else is pretty much up to you – whatever you find most convenient.

But with those directions out of the way, what’s inside the Myths’ Guild that’s worth visiting?


Myths’ Guild Ground Floor

Pool of Dreams screenshot / OSRS

On the ground floor you’ll find four Magic Trees available to chop down.

While it’s almost never crowded, this location does lack the +7 level boost you’d normally get from the Woodcutting Guild. So it’s usually not a recommended spot for getting Magic Logs.

To the East you’ll find Ellen guarding the Pool of Dreams.

This will allow you to rewatch any Dragon Slayer II cutscene and fight Galvek again.

Next to the Pool, the Dream List will keep track of your total Galvek kills and the best time you’ve achieved.


Myths’ Guild First Floor

First Floor of the Myths’ Guild screenshot / OSRS

The first floor of Myths’ Guild offers a bank chest with a cooking range right next to it. This makes for a great spot for Cooking training.

It’s also worth noting that ranges have less of a chance of burning food compared to bonfires (such as in the Rogues’ Den).

On the opposite side of the floor, Primula sells a variety of Herblore supplies.

Additionally, she can teach the player to create Super Antifire Potions, which completely negates the need for anti-fire protection in some cases.

This is the reason for Super Antifire potions being locked behind Dragon Slayer II.


Myths’ Guild Second Floor

Myths’ Guild Second Floor screenshot / OSRS

The second and last floor of the Guild offers an anvil and an altar.

These are not commonly used though, since they’re out of the way for most purposes.

Additionally, three portals are available here which can take you directly to the Champions’ Guild (Red portal), Heroes’ Guild (Yellow portal), or Legends’ Guild (Blue portal).

It’s worth noting that these portals are one-way only.

Going through will not let you come back to the Myths’ Guild through a portal on the other side.


Myths’ Guild Basement

Fountain of Uhld screenshot in Myths Guild / OSRS

Entering the statue on the ground floor of the Guild will take you to the basement.

Right when you get down there, directly next to the ladder lies the Fountain of Uhld, which allows you to recharge Dragonstone jewelry (Combat bracelets, amulets of glory, and skilling necklaces).

Slightly north lies a small mine with 4 adamantite rocks and 2 runite rocks.

These runite rocks are often heavily contested due to the safe location and proximity to a bank.

The Wrath Altar screenshot / OSRS

Heading south from the basement, players will find all varieties of chromatic dragons, and an exit to the cave.

Outside they’ll find the Wrath Altar, where they can craft Wrath Runes once they’ve reached level 95 Runecrafting.

Due to its location, it’s one of the few methods where crafting runes without the Abyss is faster.

Additionally, this location can result in high hourly profits because of the high level requirement and low supply of Wrath Runes.

And that’s it!

This Guild has a high level location that offers a variety of content to try out, and stands as a big achievement for your OSRS account progression.

We welcome all mighty dragon slayers inside the Myths’ Guild.

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