How Do You Get To The Ranging Guild in OSRS?

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The Ranging Guild is located just west of Seers’ Village, north of Ardougne.

Entering the Guild requires Level 40 Ranged, which may be boosted.

And despite being a free-to-play skill, the Ranging Guild is members-only as the Kandarin area where it’s located is completely off limits for free players.


Teleports & Routes To The Ranging Guild

Ranging Guild location + routes on map / OSRS

We’d like to suggest 4 ways of getting to the Ranging Guild, listed below from best to worst:

  • Combat Bracelet teleport (Ranging Guild)
  • Skills Necklace teleport (Fishing Guild) and running north (Pink line)
  • Teleport to Camelot and run west (Red line)
  • Teleport to Ardougne and run north (Blue line)

The Combat Bracelet teleport will leave you right outside the Guild, so it’s by far the best option.

But once you get there, you might ask yourself another question:

What’s inside the Ranging Guild?

Let’s take a look.


Ranging Guild Shops

Ranging Guild shop screenshot / OSRS

On the ground floor, you’ll find two NPCs that sell a variety of ranging gear.

Specifically you’ll find all varieties of:

  • Leather hide armour
  • Arrow(tips) up to rune
  • Bows up to Willow

While these bows might be low leveled, rune arrows are definitely a good choice. So grab some if you’re low on ammo!

Additionally, you can find the Ranging Skillcape for 99,000 coins here, once you reach the maximum level of 99 Ranged.


The Archery Competition

Participating in the Competition / OSRS

The Archery Competition takes place in the ground floor, at the back of the guild.

You may participate as many times as you want, with no cooldown between attempts.

After paying a fee of 200 coins, you’ll be given 10 bronze arrows. Shooting the targets on the opposite side of the area will grant you points and Ranging XP based on your accuracy. This will depend on your Ranged level.

Exchanging Archery Tickets / Old School RuneScape

Once your 10 arrows are up (or when you’ve had enough), talking to the Competition Judge will grant you Archery Tickets equal to 10% of your points.

These tickets can be exchanged with the Ticket Merchants on the ground floor of the Guild for a variety of weapons and armour.

While the rewards may be small, you can achieve over 35k XP per hour while turning a small profit.

It can be an interesting alternative if you’re a pure account!

As for profit, we recommend purchasing Rune arrows, since they will always be in demand.


Ranging Guild’s Tower

Ranging Guild Tower screenshot / OSRS

Climbing the ladder in the middle of the Guild will take you to the top of the tower, where you can fight archers located on four different platforms.

Their strength varies with each tower, being level 19, 34, 49 and 64 respectively.

Due to the distance, you may only attack them with ranged or magic attacks with a minimum attack range of 9.

They can hit quite hard depending on their level, as they use iron to adamant arrows on the player. These may also be collected from the ground.

And there are no rewards here other than combat experience or the arrows you can collect.

And that’s it!

Compared to other areas in the game, the Ranging Guild is a little outdated, and lacks a bit of movement.

Nevertheless, if you’re looking for a Ranging Skillcape or are leveling a ranged pure account then definitely aim to give this place a visit.

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