Fastest Ways To Get To Rellekka in OSRS

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The best ways to get to Relleka by far are via the Fremennik sea boots and the Enchanted Lyre.

Depending on how far into the game you’ve gotten, there are over ten different routes to help you reach Rellekka, all ranging from “slightly slow” to “instantaneous”.

Including the two items we mentioned above, here’s a list of the absolute best ways to get to Rellekka, for both low and high level players alike:

  • Walking from Seers’ Village (zero requirements, everyones’ first route)
  • Moonclan teleport
  • Waterbirth teleport
  • Fremennik sea boots (tied for first place. takes you right in the middle of the town)
  • Enchanted Lyre (the other best teleport, takes you at the entrance of Rellekka)
  • Teleport to House (slightly further than the lyre’s teleport)

So let’s go over everything and sea what method could work best for your account.


Method 1: Walking from Seers’ Village

The road from Seers’ Village to Rellekka / OSRS
The road from Seers’ Village to Rellekka

The first way of getting to Rellekka that 99% of players use is by walking north from Seers’ Village.

Seers’ Village (or Camelot, to be specific) is the closest place to Rellekka that the normal spellbook can take you to (not counting your house).

From there, all you’ve got to do is follow the northern road that leads out of the village, and continue west once you hit the crossroads (continuing north leads to the Sinclair Mansion).

While this isn’t particularly fast compared to the rest of the methods that exist, it has absolutely zero requirements and could prove useful to new or low level players.


Method 2: Moonclan Teleport

Chat message after getting kicked out from Lunar isle / Old School RuneScape
Chat message after getting kicked out from Lunar isle.

Players that have completed the quest “Lunar Diplomacy” and have engaged in conversation with the Moonclan folk, know that they don’t take kindly to strangers that don’t possess a Seal of Passage.

What if I told you that you can take advantage of their lack of hospitality?

Talking to any citizen of the Lunar isle without a seal of passage will get you kicked out of the island, and the end destination is none other than Rellekka itself!

Getting to Lunar Isle quickly can be done through a few different ways:

  • Casting the Moonclan teleport (must be on the lunar spellbook)
  • Using a Lunar Isle teleport scroll
  • Breaking a Moonclan teleport tablet
  • Taking a Lunar Isle portal, either from your or someone else’s house.

Note: After completing the Elite Fremennik diary, the Moonclan will no longer kick you out of the Island. Players can instead use the Return Orb located inside the bank, which has the exact same function.


Method 3: Waterbirth Teleport

Taking the boat from Waterbirth island / OSRS
Taking the boat from Waterbirth island.

Here we’ve got another technique that utilizes lunar magic.

Similar to the moonclan method, players that want to reach Rellekka quickly can teleport to Waterbirth Island and take the nearby boat back to the Fremennik capital.

You can get to Waterbirth quickly either by using the aptly named “Waterbirth teleport” lunar spell, or by taking a portal from a player’s house.


Method 4: Fremennik Sea Boots (Recommended)

The teleport destination of the sea boots / Old School RuneScape
The teleport destination of the sea boots.

The Fremennik sea boots are one of the rewards you get for completing the easy tier of the Fremennik Achievement Diary.

They’ve got a built-in teleport function that takes you right at the center of Rellekka, just next to the market stalls.

Unfortunately, until you’ve completed the elite tier of the achievement diary, you can only use this teleport once per day (the elite boots have unlimited charges).

Nevertheless, even a single teleport per day can be quite useful. And the requirements for the first diary are extremely low and very easy to achieve.


Method 5: Teleport to House

The house portal near Rellekka / OSRS
The house portal near Rellekka.

Another commonly used method by all kinds of players is the Player Owned House (or POH for short).

It’s not a secret that depending on your Construction level, you can set your house at one of many places throughout Gielinor, such as Taverley and Yanille.

One of these places is Rellekka – or to be more specific, slightly outside of it.

You can then teleport to your house (either through the spell, or by breaking a house tablet), click on the portal to leave, and bam you are a couple of steps south of Rellekka!

How handy!

Note: Moving your house to Rellekka requires 30 Construction.


Method 6: Enchanted Lyre (Recommended)

Enchanting the lyre / Old School RuneScape
Enchanting the lyre

Saving the best for last, we’ve got the Enchanted Lyre.

This magical lyre is an item that the vast majority of players only use during the quest “The Fremennik Trials”, and immediately forget about afterwards.

Well I’m here to tell you its best use has nothing to do with the quest at all.

The Enchanted Lyre can be used to teleport right to the entrance of Rellekka, and with minimal cost too.

To charge it, you’d just take a large fish (shark, manta ray, or a sea turtle) to the Fossegrimen’s altar. The kind spirit will reward you by charging your lyre.

This can be done even if you haven’t completed the Fremennik Trials quest.

Fun fact: If you’ve got a Ring of Charos (a) equipped, you can convince the Fossegrimen to charge your lyre by offering a raw bass, claiming that “it’s just a very small shark”.


Extra Tips & Tricks

On top of what we’ve already said, here are a few extra tips to help you traversing the lands to Rellekka faster:

  • When using the “Teleport to House” spell, you can right click on it and choose to be teleported outside the portal instead, cutting down the time you need to get to Rellekka.
  • If you don’t want to have your house located in Rellekka, but want to take advantage of the portal, you can use a Scroll of Redirection (acquired from Nightmare Zone) on a house tablet, and it will take you wherever you want.
  • Tired of constantly charging your Enchanted Lyre? You can give it unlimited charges by offering the Fossegrimen a large sum of fish. The amount starts at 1000 of each fish, and it drops down by 200 for every tier of the Fremennik diary that you have completed.
Creating a Rellekka house tab with scrolls of redirection / OSRS
Creating a Rellekka house tab with scrolls of redirection
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