How To Get To The Tree Gnome Village in OSRS

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The Tree Gnome Village is located south of Ardougne, specifically just south of the Battlefield of Khazard. There are no strict requirements to reach and enter it, other than what you may need to travel there.

In the Tree Gnome Village you’ll find lots of quest-related activities, such as the Tree Gnome Village quest or the pebble for Waterfall Quest. And you can unlock the Spirit Tree transportation system.

Since the entire Kandarin/Feldip Hills region and its surroundings are members-only content, the Tree Gnome Village is completely off-limits for Free players.

We’d like to divide this guide in two parts:

  1. Getting to Ardougne (two routes)
  2. Getting inside the Tree Gnome Village itself

Ardougne Route 1: Edgeville Lever

The Edgeville Lever / OSRS
The Edgeville Lever

This level is located just south of the Edgeville bank, north of Barbarian Village. It can teleport you to Level 53 Wilderness; Nevertheless, pulling it again will take players to Ardougne.

This will put you in the Wilderness for a second or two, so it’s recommended to bank your valuables.

With that said, this is the quickest and most universal way of getting to the other side of Gielinor.

The Wilderness Lever / OSRS
The Wilderness Lever

Once you’re there, simply click on the lever again to pull it and you’ll be in Ardougne!

Note: until you complete some Achievement Diaries, you cannot do the process backwards to get back to Edgeville.


Ardougne Route 2: Captain Barnaby

Captain Barnaby NPC location / OSRS

Captain Barnaby has been recently added to a dock west of Rimmington, south of Falador.

This is highly convenient for lower leveled players (or Hardcore Ironmen) that do not wish to risk heading into the Wilderness.

Ardougne / OSRS

He’ll take you to the docks in Ardougne for a measly 30 coins.

This is a pretty quick method in an easy-to-reach location.

Additionally, Captain Barnaby will take you back to Brimhaven or Rimmington at any time, for the same cost of 30 coins.


Getting to Tree Gnome Village

Routes to Tree Gnome Village (Map) / OSRS
Routes to Tree Gnome Village (Map)

Simply run south to reach the entrance of the Village.

  • Green line (above) marks the path for Ardougne Route 1
  • Pink line (above) marks the path for Ardougne Route 2

The entrance consists of a maze of hedges you’ll have to traverse. While there are two entrances, the northwestern one (marked on the map) is the correct one.

The Maze’s Solution / OSRS

Pictured above: the correct maze path solution to reach the Tree Gnome Village

Simply follow the red path above to reach the center.

Along the way you’ll see some Hill Giants. They cannot one-shot you, and there’s only a few, plus they can’t chase you for long due to the maze’s size. But bring some food if you’re worried.

Additionally, you will see a ladder going down along the way ( “!” symbol south of the Village); Ignore it and keep running, since this dungeon only pertains to some quests.

Elkoy at the Maze’s End / OSRS

Pictured above: Elkoy located at the end of the Maze

Once you arrive, squeeze through the railway to enter Tree Gnome Village!

It’s recommended to start the quest of the same name – this will allow Elkoy, a gnome standing at both ends of the maze, to guide you through it in the future.

This means that you only need to complete the maze once, completely skipping it in future events.

And that’s it!

The Tree Gnome Village is a staple for low-mid level accounts during their questing efforts, and it’s core to the Gnome and Elf questlines. Come take a walk through the maze – you won’t be disappointed!

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