How Do You Get To The Woodcutting Guild in OSRS?

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The Woodcutting Guild is located south of Shayzien and west of Hosidius, in the Kingdom of Great Kourend.

Entering the guild requires 60 Woodcutting (boostable), as well as 75% Hosidius favour.

Similar to the other 4 Houses, Hosidius favour can be granted by doing various activities around the area, such as ploughs, making fertilizer, or the mess hall.

Let’s take a look at the best ways of getting to the guild (see the map below):


Teleports & Routes To The Woodcutting Guild

Woodcutting Guild location and routes on the map / OSRS

We’d like to suggest 4 ways of getting to the Woodcutting Guild, listed below from best to worst:

  • Skills Necklace teleport (Woodcutting Guild)
  • Xeric’s Talisman teleport (Lookout) and running around the Guild (Yellow line on map)
  • Xeric’s Tasliman teleport (Glade) and running west (Red line on map)
  • Travel to Land’s End (Veos at Port Sarim or Piscarilius), then run northeast (Pink line on map)

Getting a Xeric’s Talisman is highly recommended, as it’s the main way of teleporting around Zeah.

On the other hand, in order to use the Skills Necklace, you must have traveled to Zeah at least once beforehand.

Traveling to Land’s End is definitely slower since the run is long and Veos is inconvenient to get to.

But why should you go here at all?

Let’s take a look at all the activities inside the Woodcutting Guild!


NPC’s & Facilities Inside The Guild

Sawmill Operator inside the Woodcutting Guild / OSRS

The Woodcutting Guild offers a Sawmill operator (much like the one near Varrock) and an axe shop, up to Rune.

You may already have one if you’re level 60 Woodcutting – but it’s certainly handy if you don’t!

On the eastern side, there’s a bank chest and a deposit box.

This is close to the Sawmill, so it’s more efficient than the Varrock one, if making planks with your butler is too expensive.


Available Trees And Boosts

Woodcutting inside the Guild / OSRS

The Woodcutting Guild offers an invisible +7 level boost to Woodcutting.

This stacks with boosts such as the Dragon Axe, so it’s arguably the best area in the game to stock up on logs, since there are so many trees, and a bank chest close by.

The trees available in the Guild are:

  • 11 Regular trees
  • 4 Oak trees
  • 7 Willow trees
  • 13 Maple trees
  • 17 Yew trees
  • 8 Magic trees
  • 24 Redwood tree spots (Check the Redwood section below)

Ent Dungeon

Entrance to the Ent Dungeon / OSRS

Near the center of the guild you’ll find a cave full of aggressive Level 86 Ents in a single-way combat setting.

You may defeat these in any way you want, and it’s possible to safespot them using corners.

Harvesting a defeated Ent / OSRS

Once their 75 Hitpoints are depleted, they’ll lay defeated on the ground.

You may then chop them down, harvesting noted logs from their bodies.

The quality of the logs obtained here will increase with a Rune or Dragon axe.

While these Ents only grant half the logs than those in the Wilderness, they’re a much safer alternative that offers a mix of combat and skilling.

This is also an interesting way of leveling up your Magic or Ranged, so give it a try if you’re interested!


Egg Shrine & Bird Eggs

Praying at the Egg Shrine / OSRS

The Egg Shrine is available on the western side of the Guild.

This works as a regular altar with the same mechanic: you can pray here to recharge your Prayer points.

Additionally, you may encounter colored eggs inside bird’s nests (green, red or blue).

These can be offered to the Altar to receive 100 Prayer XP, and another bird’s nest that contains seeds.

Lastly, there’s a slim chance (1/300) to receive an Evil Chicken outfit piece.

At current prices, each piece is worth around 700k coins (as of this writing).

Currently there’s no other use for these bird eggs, so feel free to turn them in for seeds and try your luck for an evil chicken outfit.


Redwood Tree Cutting

Chopping a Redwood Tree in the Woodcutting Guild / OSRS

Players with 90 Woodcutting (boostable) may chop the two Redwood trees located in the western side of the Guild.

Since the trees are colossal, you’ll chop the bark on any side rather than bring the whole tree down.

Each side of the tree has 2 spots, and there are two floors for each.

This results in 24 available Redwood spots per world.

While you may also plant one in the Farming Guild, this place is strongly recommended because of the +7 boost inside the Guild.

Redwood trees take a long time to cut down and yield multiple logs per bark.

This results in a highly AFK activity with good XP rates, and a fan favorite for finishing your grind to 99 Woodcutting!

Redwood logs don’t have too many uses, aside from birdhouses and the occasional redwood shield.

So as a result, most players don’t bother banking them and instead powerdrop logs to keep up their XP rates.

Inferno axes are also commonplace, since they increase the amount of AFK time spent.

And that’s it!

Whether you want to bring down some Ents or grind your last couple levels at Redwoods, the Woodcutting Guild awaits you with open arms and sharpened axes.

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