How To Get White Lily Seeds in OSRS

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White Lily Seeds are a unique drop from the Hespori Boss. Upon killing Hespori, there’s a 1/16 (6.25%) chance of receiving 8-18 White Lily Seeds.

This seed requires level 58 Farming to plant, though the Hespori Boss it’s obtained from requires level 65 Farming to plant and fight.

Besides trading for the seeds, fighting the Hespori Boss is the only way to get them in the game.


White Lily Uses

After being planted in a flower patch, the White Lily Seeds mature into a White Lily.

When fully grown, the White Lilies protect nearby allotment patches from disease.

Fully grown White Lilies in OSRS

Upon being picked, the only use for White Lily flowers is to make supercompost.

And ultimately you can use supercompost for a very similar purpose: it just helps to lower the chances of any given farming patch getting the diseased condition.


Farming Contracts

Guildmaster Jane, located in the Farming Guild, can assign White Lilies as a task under a Medium or Hard contract.

Easy contracts are not able to assign White Lily tasks anymore, so don’t be afraid of getting stuck as an Ironman.

Guildmaster Jane Screenshot in Farming Guild (OSRS)

However, keep in mind that the Hespori is the only drop source for White Lily Seeds.

So you might need to cancel contracts when you don’t have any White Lily Seeds on hand.

Note: the Hespori can take from 22-32 hours to grow, so trying for White Lily seeds to fulfill your Medium/Hard contract is likely not efficient! It’s better to downgrade to a lower contract and do that one to avoid waiting.

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