Where Do You Get Wizard Boots in OSRS?

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Wizard Boots can only be obtained by completing Medium Clue Scrolls through the Treasure Trail activity. This consists of searching for a casket through clues that will take you around Gielinor, which will contain a number of random rewards when you find it.

While you may farm as many Clue Scrolls as you want, Wizard Boots have a 1/1.133 drop rate for each of them.

Just like Ranger Boots, these are quite rare and may take a while to obtain, even on drop rate.

And since Treasure Trails is a members-only activity, the Wizard Boots are completely off-limits for F2P players.


Obtaining Medium Clue Scrolls Fast

Killing Falador Guards / OSRS
Killing Falador Guards

Medium clues can be obtained in lots of ways, such as a drop from monsters and Shade chests. You’re bound to see a handful of them during your adventuring efforts.

However, we’d like to suggest two main ways to target-farm them:


Method 1: Falador Guards

First, killing Falador guards is often the quickest way to obtain a Clue as a monster drop at a 1/128 rate.

Furthermore, completion of the Medium Falador Diary will permanently upgrade this to a 1/106 drop rate!

This is the best mob due to its low level, high density, and proximity to a teleport location (Any Falador teleport is fine).

There’s a bank nearby if you need to resupply, and it’s even possible to use a Cannon Guards for maximum efficiency!

Implings in Puro-Puro / OSRS
Implings in Puro-Puro

Method 2: Eclectic Implings

As a second option, we recommend obtaining medium clues through Eclectic Implings. These can be obtained via the Hunter skill in the overworld, or at a much faster rate in Puro-Puro.

When released, these implings will reward the player with a random item; One such reward is a Medium clue, at a rate of 1/25.

Additionally, caught implings are tradeable.

This means that you may buy Eclectic Implings in bulk, only opening them when you need a new Clue to continue farming. Although more expensive, this is the quickest way to obtain these in the entire game.

If you’d rather catch Eclectics yourself, you’ll need level 50 Hunter (or 60 for barehanded catching). It’s also recommended to have access to the Arceuus Spellbook, since Dark Lure (50 Magic) will lure implings towards you.


How To Complete Medium Clues

Completing Clue Steps / OSRS
Completing Clue Steps

Medium clues will take you around a number of locations in Gielinor.

It’s strongly recommended to bring as many teleports as you can carry, including enchanted jewelry and runes, and some stamina potions.

On the plus side, Medium clues aren’t too long (3-5 steps in total), require no combat, and have no locations inside the Wilderness.

These make for a completely smooth and safe experience.

Finishing your Clue will result in a casket, which may be opened at any point for your rewards. Alternatively, you can bank these to open them all at once later.

The chance for Wizard Boots is 1/1.133 per casket, so good luck!


About The Wizard Boots

Wizard Boots’ Stats / OSRS
Wizard Boots’ Stats

Wizard Boots offer slight Magic offensive/defensive bonuses, and require no stats to be worn.

This makes for great low-mid level gear, considering that there aren’t many options for the Feet slot.

If you can afford it, then you can combine your Wizard Boots with an Eternal Crystal (requiring 60 Magic and Runecrafting) to create Eternal Boots, an upgraded version of the item.

Eternal Boots are currently the best-in-slot boots for Magic offense.

And that’s it!

Wizard Boots can be a bit of a grind to obtain, but they make for a great addition to your gear that will get even better when you reach the endgame.

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