How To Get Xeric’s Talisman in OSRS

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The Xeric’s Talisman is a teleport amulet that can be obtained by killing Lizardmen or looting stone chests in Molch. The Xeric’s Talisman (inert) is charged by Lizardmen Fangs to teleport up to five locations throughout Zeah.

As the Xeric’s Talisman (inert) is untradeable, every account must gather one themselves.

Extra Xeric’s Talismans can be dismantled into 100 Lizardman fangs to serve as additional teleport charges.


Killing Lizardmen in the Lizardman Canyon (Low Combat Method)

This method is advantageous for low level accounts who want to obtain the Xeric’s Talisman as early as possible in their account progression.

I would recommend being at least level 40 to attempt this method.

After reaching 5% Shayzien favor by healing wounded soldiers in the Shayzien Camp or by methods such as quest rewards, you gain the ability to kill Lizardmen in the Lizardman Canyon.

Lizardmen Battle in Lixardman Canyon / OSRS

The Lizardmen and Lizardmen Brutes (levels 53-75) found in the Lizardmen Canyon drop the talisman at a rate of 1/250, or at 1/125 if the Kourend & Kebos Easy Diary is complete.

The best farming method is to “tag” the Lizardmen that are in combat with Shayzien soldiers and have them tank the damage for you.

As the Lizardman Canyon is a multi-combat zone, several soldiers can engage Lizardmen to kill them quickly. Doing as little as 1 damage to these Lizardmen entitles you to their drop, as the damage inflicted by Shayzien soldiers is considered neutral damage.

Conversely, several Lizardmen can attack you at the same time, so be mindful of the damage you’re taking!

Avoid engaging Lizardmen that are not in combat with Shayzien Soldiers – their attacks can poison you! I recommend that you bring lots of food and a couple antipoisons.

The optimal method here is to “tag” several Lizardmen who are engaged with Shayzien Soldiers at once to receive as many drops as possible.

You may take significant damage from aggressive Lizardmen so just be careful not to be attacked by too many at once.

Using ranged or mage attack styles has the advantage of “tagging” Lizardmen from a distance, which speeds up the “tagging” process.

Ironmen, remember to pick up the Lizardman Fang drops as well, as those are “one teleport” each!

However, if you’re low enough level to not be able to handle this “tagging” method, you can safespot one Lizardman at a time nearby the staircase out of the Lizardman Canyon.


Killing Lizardman Shamans at the Lizardman Temple under Molch (High Combat Method)

Lizardman Shamans drop the Xeric’s Talisman (inert) at a rate of 1/250, or 1/125 upon the completion of the Kourend and Kebos Easy Diary.

In addition to dropping the Xeric’s Talisman (inert), they often drop 10-14 Lizardmen Fangs at a time, which can be used to charge the talisman.

Further, they also drop the Dragon Warhammer at a rate of 1/5000, a weapon that is vital for late-game bossing content.

Battling Lizardman Shamans with Blowpipe in OSRS

To kill Lizardmen Shamans with any level of comfort and consistency, there’s a soft requirement of obtaining Shayzien Armor (Tier 5).

To obtain this armor, you must have 100% Shayzien Favor and complete the Shayzien Combat Ring. To be clear – Shayzien Armor protects against the Lizardmen poison attack, and provides full immunity to the attack while wearing the complete Shayzien Armor (Tier 5) set.

Not wearing this armor to kill Lizardmen Shamans would subject you to constant unavoidable damage.

Ranging Lizardman Shamans is the best method to kill them.

And the Toxic Blowpipe is the best weapon to kill them, but a rune crossbow, magic shortbow, or crystal bow will work as well.

I recommend having at least level 60 Ranged to pursue this method.

Though you have full immunity to the poison spit attack with this armor, you can still be poisoned.

I recommend bringing one an Antidote++ (4) along with your ranging potions, prayer potions, and food.

Upon completion of Kourend & Kebos Hard Diary and speaking to Captain Cleive, a Slayer Helmet may be used to replace the Shayzien Helm (5). You can unlock the ability to be assigned Lizardmen tasks by visiting the slayer rewards section via a slayer master.

To quickly learn how to kill shamans, simply remember the following:

  • Use protection from missiles to nullify ranged attack damage.
  • Stand more than one tile away from the shaman to avoid the high damaging melee attack.
  • Wear Shayzien Armor so you don’t have to worry about acid spit.
  • After the shaman jumps, move to somewhere at least 4 tiles away, to be safe. But don’t run any more than you have to, since you’ll run out of energy!
  • Attack the Shaman while running away from the purple spawns as best you can.

Looting Stone Chests in Molch (Thieving Method)

Stone chests require level 64 Thieving to be looted.

Each successful thieve yields 280 thieving experience, along with a variety of item rewards.

Among these rewards, stone chests drop the Xeric’s Talisman (inert) at a rate of 1/300.

Looting stone chests in OSRS

Note: the Rogue Equipment set does not work on stone chests. Also, unlike with the other sources of the Xeric’s Talisman, the completion of the Kourend and Kebos Easy Diary does not affect the drop rate from stone chests.

Stone chests can be found under Molch in the Lizardman temple, close to the Lizardman Shamans.

The other loots aside from the Xeric’s Talisman are mostly worthless.

However, the notable worthwhile drops include Lizardman Fangs, medium clue scrolls, rare bolt tips, and rare herb seeds.

If you have a gem bag and seedbox, this would be a good use for collecting resources.

For additional crafting experience, consider bringing a chisel to cut the gems looted from the chest.

Upon failing to thieve from a chest, there is a 1/8 chance to be teleported out of the Lizardman Temple into the center of Molch.

This cannot be avoided, but you can bring a lockpick to increase your chances of success.

If you are teleported, simply run back to the stone chests and continue thieving.

You may be targeted by Lizardmen around Molch on your way back to the stone chests – so remember to bring a few antipoisons and some food.

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