Where Do You Get The Zamorak Staff in OSRS?

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The Zamorak Staff can only be obtained by completing the Mage Arena I miniquest. This consists of defeating all phases of Kolodion, a powerful mage, in an arena deep inside the Wilderness.

The staff itself requires 60 Magic to acquire and wield.

When worn, the player is able to cast Flames of Zamorak, the god’s signature spell, which reduces the target’s Magic level by 5%.

Since deep Wilderness is Members-only content, the Mage Arena and the Zamorak Staff are completely off-limits for Free players.


The Mage Arena Miniquest

The Mage Arena Lobby’s Entrance / Old School RuneScape
The Mage Arena Lobby’s Entrance

The Mage Arena Lobby can be entered by pulling a level in Level 55 Wilderness, east of the Wilderness Agility Course.

The quickest route is to pull the lever in Edgeville to be teleported to the Deserted Keep, just east of the entrance.

This can be a rather dangerous trek full of monsters and PKers; so it is recommended not to bring any valuables since there is a bank chest inside, while being a safe area.

Kolodion in Mage Arena Bank / Old School RuneScape
Kolodion in Mage Arena Bank

Inside you will find Kolodion, a mage in blue.

Gear up via the bank chest, and talk to him to start the miniquest. You’ll have to defeat all of his phases inside the Arena to the west.

Warning: This will take place in the Wilderness proper, where PKers may attack you. Tread carefully!

Thankfully, these fights are not too hard, since all damage is nullified by using Protect From Magic (level 39 Prayer required). Additionally, he can only take damage from Magic attacks; Fire Bolt or higher is recommended to avoid lengthy fights.

Choosing an Allegiance / Old School RuneScape
Choosing an Allegiance

Once defeated, Kolodion will teleport you back to the safe area and congratulate you.

He’ll tell you to go into the back room through the pool, and choose one of the three gods (Zamorak, Saradomin and Guthix).

For this guide’s purpose you’d choose Zamorak, the one to the east.

Praying at the statue will summon a cape of the respective god at your feet (you may obtain duplicates if you wish). These are one of the best magic items for the Cape slot, so make good use of it!

Head a bit south to the Chamber Guardian and talk to him. He’ll gift you your first god staff, which will match the cape you’ve chosen (Zamorak in this case).

It’s all yours, congratulations!

If you ever change your mind, you can pray at the other statues to obtain their capes. It’s a different story for staves, though; The Chamber Guardian will now sell any of the three to you for 80,000 coins each.


About Flames of Zamorak

Casting Flames of Zamorak / Old School RuneScape
Casting Flames of Zamorak

Flames of Zamorak is a magic spell that requires 60 magic and the proper God Staff in order to be used.

This has a max hit of 20, though with the Charge spell and Zamorak Cape equipped, it gets upgraded to up to 30 damage.

Additionally, successful attacks will lower the target’s Magic stat by 5%.

This makes for a hard-hitting spell with an interesting drawback.

Note: lowering the Magic stat will also make the target more likely to be damaged by Magic spells. Weaken your enemies over time!

In order to use the spell outside of Mage Arena, you’ll need to head back to the arena where you fought Kolodion (There’s a lever on the north side, outside of the lobby) and cast Flames of Zamorak 100 times on the mages.

It doesn’t matter if they die or even if the attack hits; It will count as long as the runes are consumed.

And that’s it!

The Zamorak Staff enables a high-level spell that may be of use during your Magic efforts. Albeit a bit expensive, it can certainly be of use in the right hands. Set fire to everything!

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