How Do You Make Cannonballs in OSRS?

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As a member, once you reach 35 Smithing you will be able to make Cannonballs after completing part of the Dwarf Cannon quest.

To make Cannonballs you need to use a Steel bar on a furnace while carrying an Ammo mould in your inventory.

Every bar smelted results in 4 Cannonballs and 25.6 Smithing experience.

A full inventory of Cannonballs takes about 2 minutes and 40 seconds to create, which makes this an interesting afk method to gather some gp and Smithing experience.

In a full hour you can expect to make something between 2160 and 2400 Cannonballs by paying little attention, and this will result in about 14-15k of Smithing experience and up to 120k of gp (considering prices at the time of this writing).


Dwarf Cannon Quest

This is a short quest with no requirements to complete.

To make it even faster you can take a Skills necklace, a Combat bracelet, and some Stamina potions.

But just to be extra safe (especially if you have low Hitpoints) bring some food too.

First, go to the Fishing Guild (you can use the Skills necklace teleport) and then go north-west to find Captain Lawgof, inside of the area delimited for the fence and close to the cannon (if you need, check for the quest sign in the map).

Dwarf Cannon Quest Starter Location / OSRS

Talk to Captain Lawgof and join the Black Guard military force.

He will give you 6 railings and a hammer.

Use the railings to repair all the broken parts of the fence by right-clicking and inspecting the bent rails.

There are 6 in total, and you can zoom and look at the fence from the front to make it easier.

Inspecting a railing / Old School RuneScape

Just beware:

  • Just move to the next rail after you get the message saying confirming the repair
  • Failing may take up to 2 damage to your health, so just eat the food if needed because it is not a safe death

After you repair all of them, talk to Captain Lawgof again and make sure to go through the entire conversation.

Then go to the top level of the watchtower, located south of the starting point of the quest (see the image below) and look for the dwarf remains in the corner of the building (they are not indicated on the minimap) – take them and bring the remains to Captain Lawgof.

Watchtower stairs close up / OSRS

Now use the Skills necklace to teleport back to the Fishing Guild and enter the Goblin Cave, located south-east of the entrance of the Guild.

Go further and take the center passage on the fork, then go north-west until you reach a room filled with Crates.

Search the northern one, closest to the east wall.

Lollk will jump, thank you for rescuing him, and run to Captain Lawgof.

Now return to Captain and talk with him – he’ll give you a toolkit. Use it on the cannon and follow these steps:

  • Use the pliers (second one) on the safety switch at the bottom
  • Use the hooked (third one) tool on the spring
  • Use the toothed tool (first one) on the gear, located at the bottom of the hammer

After all that, talk to Lawgof again and then you’ll be off to the dwarf base, located south of the Black Knights’ Fortress, west of the Edgeville Monastery, and north of Falador.

To make it faster you can use your Combat bracelet to teleport to the monastery and travel west.

Once here, talk to Nulodion, left building, and he will give you instructions and the Ammo mould.

At this point you can start to make Cannonballs right away.

However, since the quest is almost over you may as well finish it – so just return to Captain Lawgof at this point and he’ll reward you with:


Best Locations To Make Cannonballs

By choosing any furnace closest to a bank, you’re choosing the best location to make Cannonballs.

In this sense, there are 3 possibilities you should consider: Edgeville, Shilo Village, and Neitiznot.

Let’s take a look at each one.



Edgeville furnace / Old School RuneScape

In Edgeville, west of Varrock, there’s a furnace 14 squares off of a bank.

And you can get there easily by teleporting with either an Amulet of glory, with a Fairy ring teleport (code DKR), or walking from Varrock.

This is the most commonly used furnace because there are no requirements to use it.


Shilo Village

Shilo Village furnace / OSRS

In Shilo Village, after completing the Shilo Village quest, there’s a furnace you an access that’s 11 squares from a bank.

And you can efficiently get there by using the Fairy ring teleport (code CKR) and walking, or using the Karamja gloves 3 teleport (reward from the Karamja Hard Diary), or by taking the cart system from Brimhaven for 10-200 gp (depending on the amount of cash in your inventory).

Although this is the closest furnace, if you don’t have Karamja gloves 4 (from completing the Karamja Elite Diary) then you’ll be required to pay a fee of 20 coins from your inventory to use it – but keep in mind that it is possible to deposit coins into a coffer with the nearby NPC named Yohnus, to prevent you from losing inventory space.



Neitiznot furnace / Old School RuneScape

The third and final spot to make cannons is located in Neitiznot, where there’s a furnace 15 squares off from a bank.

And you can easily get there by taking the boat with NPC Maria Gunnars, located on the northern deck on Rellekka.

To access this village you’ll need to complete The Fremennik Trials quest, and at least start The Fremennik Isles quest.

This is the 3rd closest furnace to a bank – but it’s especially good for anyone playing OSRS on mobile, because you don’t have to move your camera to smelt or use the bank.

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