How Do You Make A Pot Of Flour in OSRS?

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You can get a Pot of Flour by first processing wheat in any of the Windmills located throughout the overworld. This will create flour, which can then be collected with any regular pot.

This activity is available to both members and free-to-play players.

For getting lots of flour, we recommend the following windmills:

  • Inside Cook’s Guild – This is the quickest one since there’s a bank inside, allowing you to repeat the process at a faster rate.
  • East of the bank in Zanaris – It is a decent option since the bank is close by, though Zanaris’ random events may bother you a little bit.
  • North of Ardougne, near the Fishing Guild – This will make do if the others aren’t an option. The closest bank is down south, behind the city’s borders.
  • Northwest of Lumbridge Castle – This is the only option for F2P players, since all others are inside restricted areas or in the Cooks’ Guild, which has a members-only bank booth.

Inventory & Gear Setup

Recommended Setup for Flour Trips / OSRS

We recommend wearing weight-reducing gear, since you’ll be running quite a bit.

If possible, equip whatever teleport you’ll be using (such as a Skillcape or jewelry), since carrying a teleport will reduce your inventory slots.

For your inventory, carry 14 empty pots.

The other 14 slots will be for wheat.

Note: if you’re bringing a teleport in your inventory, bring one less pot to make up for it. And if that’s the case, don’t worry too much – you’ll just carry one less pot of flour per trip.

Keep in mind that the Cooks’ Guild location doesn’t need a teleport since there’s a bank inside, provided you’ve unlocked it.


The Flour Making Process

Picking Wheat (Screenshot) / Old School RuneScape

Head to your Windmill of choice and pick as much wheat as you have pots.

Once you’re done, go inside the building and climb two sets of ladders to the top floor.

Player operating the Windmill Controls / OSRS

Once you’re here, fill the hopper with wheat, and operate the control levers next to it.

This will create flour, which will drop to the bin on the bottom floor.

Repeat this process for all the wheat you’ve brought!

Collecting the Flour at the Windmill base / OSRS

To get your flour, just go back to the ground floor.

You’ll see the bin is now full of white flour. Pick it all up with your pots, and repeat the process as needed.

You can bank your pots of flour and come back to repeat this process pretty easily.

And while it is an easy activity, flour has countless uses. So it’s a good idea to stock up!

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