How Do You Make Summer Pie in OSRS?

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Summer Pies can be made and cooked with level 95 Cooking. They can also always burn regardless of cooking gauntlets, unless you’re wearing the skillcape (Completely bypasses the burn check).

Making a summer pie requires 5 items (listed below).

While the Grand Exchange is definitely the best way to get them in bulk, we’d like to offer alternatives for ironmen players and restricted accounts:

  • Pie Dish: Culinaromancer’s chest, Yanille, or Hosidius shops
  • Pot of Flour (Pastry dough): Culinaromancer’s chest, Yanille, or Grand Tree shops
  • Watermelon: Grown from Farming only (Farming shops never have own stock)
  • Strawberry: Farming, stealing from Fruit Stalls, or Gourmet Implings loot
  • Cooking Apple: Culinaromancer’s chest, Yanille, or Hosidius shops – also, 3 of these spawn inside the Cooking Guild.
All Ingredients for a Summer Pie / OSRS

Eating a Summer Pie heals 11 Hitpoints (two bites per pie), restores 10% energy, and boosts your Agility level by 5.

Summer Pie boosting through a shortcut / OSRS

Since this is the highest level boost available for Agility, lots of players bring a Summer Pie to places and activities they barely qualify for.

Some common examples are:

  • Crossing an obstacle or shortcut
  • Starting an Agility course (ex. Ardougne rooftops at level 85)
  • Lowering the fail rate of a course or shortcut

And it’s worth mentioning that making Summer Pies can be an intensive yet low-risk money making method for main accounts, since the ingredients are worth way less than the completed Pie.


Making the Summer Pie

Cooking a Summer Pie at a range / OSRS

Once you have all the ingredients, you’ll need to combine them in a certain order.

Here’s the sequence to follow:

  1. Use the Pastry Dough on a Pie dish
  2. Add your Strawberry to the dish
  3. Add the Watermelon into the dish
  4. Finish up by adding your Cooking Apple
  5. Cook this newly-created “Raw Summer Pie” to get your final dessert (Range only)

Note: before cooking, don’t forget to equip your Cooking skillcape, gauntlets, or any boosts!

It’s also worth mentioning that Pies can only be cooked on Ranges.

If available, the Hosidius kitchen is recommended here, due to lower burn rates.

Another option is to use the Bake Pie spell from the Lunar Spellbook (65 Magic required), which negates the chance of burning.

But overall, if you plan on making a large amount of Summer Pies, we recommend doing it in stages, instead of one pie at a time. This means doing each step in bulk before moving onto the next step.

It can seem counterproductive but this will be way more methodical and faster.

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