How Do You Make An Unfired Bowl in OSRS?

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You can make an Unfired Bowl on a Pottery wheel with x1 Soft clay and Level 8 Crafting.

Each Unfired Bowl will give you 18 Crafting exp.

But if you’re not after the XP, or if your account is not trade restricted, then an Unfired bowl can also be bought fairly cheap via the Grand Exchange.


Unfired Bowl For Dragon Slayer

Fast route to make an Unfired Bowl for the Dragon Slayer quest / OSRS

Pictured above: map of the fastest route to make an unfired bowl for the Dragon Slayer quest

The Unfired bowl is most famous for being a requirement in the Dragon Slayer Quest.

Below we’ll explain a really fast route you can use to create one for yourself, assuming you just want one for the quest.

This will take place in the Varrock region.

You should also have at least 2 coins and any pickaxe in your inventory.

Here are the steps:

  1. Go to the General Store and buy a Bucket
  2. Use the bucket on the fountain
  3. Make your way southwest to the mine
  4. Mine a piece of Clay
  5. Use your Bucket of water on the hard Clay
  6. Run northwest to the Barbarian village
  7. Use the Potter’s wheel to make the Unfired Bowl

But if you want more than one Unfired bowl (or want some alternate crafting methods) then keep reading!


How To Get Soft Clay

You make Soft clay by using a water source (such as a Bucket, a Jug, or a Bowl) on a piece of Clay.

The water source is easy enough to get, so we’ll focus on how to mine Clay.

The only requirements for Clay are Level 1 Mining and any pickaxe. And every piece you mine gives you 5 exp.

Truthfully it can be mined all over the map, but I’d recommend the following locations:

After you get the Clay, you just need to use your water source on the Clay.

If you’re looking for bulk Soft clay, you should try to get some Bracelets of clay (enchanted Sapphire bracelet), since they’ll turn the hard Clay you mine into Soft clay automatically.


Making the Unfired Bowl

This part is pretty simple, because it’s just one step!

Use the Soft clay with any Pottery wheel to make the Unfired Bowl. This will require at least level 8 Crafting.

You can find Pottery wheels in a lot of places in OSR, but some of the easiest locations are in:

  • Barbarian Village
  • Crafting Guild
  • East Ardougne (Members Only)
  • Exam Centre in Misthalin (Members Only)
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