OSRS: What Does Hybrid & Tribrid Mean?

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In Old School RuneScape, a Hybrid is someone who uses two different styles of combat, while a Tribrid is someone who uses all three styles of combat. For example, using melee with a ranging switch would be an example of Hybriding. Using melee with a range and magic switch would be an example of Tribridding.

Creating this type of build is also called “bridding” which refers to either of these play styles.

Ultimately these styles of combat are a requirement for PvP and much of PvM.

As a result, many players will minimize the amount of switches they need, so they can spend more time in combat and less time changing gear.

For example, Barrows Gloves compliment every style of combat, and are rarely switched out. While a Bando’s Chestplate would be swapped for an Armadyl Chestplate or Ancestral Top, since the Bando’s has negative range and negative magic bonuses.


Where Would I Hybrid or Tribrid in PvM?

In PvM you would generally only Hybrid/Tribrid for bosses, with a few exceptions such as Demonic Gorillas which require a melee and range switch to fight.

A great place for new players to start learning the basics of Tribridding would be at the Dagannoth Kings.

Dagannoth Kings require each style of the combat triangle be used against them. For example, Rex is weak to magic, Supreme is weak to melee, and Prime is weak to range.

Since they can be killed by medium level accounts, they’re the perfect introduction to this style of combat – and they can be killed with only a few switches.

A more complicated form of Tribridding would be found in raids, such as the Chambers of Xeric and Theatre of Blood.

Within these raids you’ll be required to switch gear often for different forms of bosses, such as Olm and Nylos.

Nylos present a challenge when it comes to Tribridding, as attacking the boss with the incorrect style will reflect the damage back onto you! Meaning you basically have to be an expert when it comes to switching attack styles mid-fight!

OSRS Bridding Battle PKing
Image source by Don Mark

Where Would I Hybrid or Tribrid in PvP?

PvP fights are dominated by Hybrid/Tribrid fights, and it’s almost impossible to fight without using this combat style.

But less experienced players may opt to use a single style with a second style as a knock out weapon.

For example, a player might focus on you with range attacks, but use a melee weapon like Dragon Claws, or an Armadyl Godsword, solely to quickly end the fight and take you by surprise.

More experienced Pk’ers will almost always Tribrid, as they’ll attempt to catch the other player off-guard in armor weak to a specific style.

For example, a Pk’er might want to ensure their magic attack hits on their target while the target is in melee gear with the wrong protection prayer up.

This would make sure the highest possible damage is dealt.

Tribridding in PvP is generally very risky, because a large amount of good armour and weapons are usually at risk.

I would only recommend experienced Pk’ers to experiment with this in PvP worlds. Practice hybrid fights first, and eventually you’ll be able to Tribrid with the best Pk’ers in OSRS.

OSRS Tribrid Battle Screenshot
Image source by DitterBitter

How Do You Learn To Hybrid/Tribrid?

Learning this style of combat is not easy. But luckily, there are a few simple tips and tricks to get you started!

The first thing I would recommend is getting a hold of Void armour, as Void only requires a helmet switch to swap between combat styles, while still being relatively powerful.

Void has lackluster defensive stats. But the attack power of Void is fairly good, and the set is free to obtain from the Pest Control Minigame.

This armour is used in PvP and PvM alike, and is often used by learners in Raids and PvP situations alike.

It’s also advisable to first learn to hybrid in PvM, as the risk is much lower.

In PvP, many of the players are experienced already, and you won’t be able to keep up if you’re just starting to practice.

Yet bosses like Zulrah only require range and magic, and can be great to learn on since you’ll need to time not only your gear switches, but also your prayer switches too.

This is very similar to PvP scenarios and offers a great introduction.

Another easy boss to learn on would be Grotesque Guardians, as they’re designed for mid-level players and require melee and range to take down.

They also don’t hit too hard, and have some basic early game mechanics that can be handy aids to teach new players how to switch styles quickly.

Master the above, and you should be ready for tribridding in PvP (and high level PvM) in no time.

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