OSRS: Is The Dragon Crossbow Worth Getting?

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The Dragon Crossbow is only worth getting if you can’t afford an Armadyl Crossbow or Dragon Hunter Crossbow, since it’s a cheaper alternative (costing around 1m) and much better than the Rune Crossbow.

The real benefit of the Dragon Crossbow is that unlike the Rune Crossbow, it can fire Dragon Bolts, while The Rune Crossbow can only fire up to Rune Bolts.

This makes the Dragon Crossbow a good option for PvP and even a decent PvM range weapon, if you don’t wanna risk too much money while still firing powerful bolts.


How Good is the Dragon Crossbow?

Well, the Dragon Crossbow has a +94 range attack bonus – which is +4 better than a Rune Crossbow, and slightly worse than the Armadyl Crossbow’s +100 bonus.

This puts it squarely in the middle of the two.

As a result, the Dragon Crossbow is a decent choice for most battles. And it sees widespread use by players who are strapped for cash.

It also only has a required range level of 64 to wield, which means it’s the best in slot crossbow between levels 64 and 70.

And it’s worth mentioning that it also has a special attack named “Annihilate”, which uses 60% of the special bar and can hit up to 9 enemies in a 3×3 tile area.

Additionally, whoever the primary target is of this attack, will take 20% extra damage while all other targets in the 3×3 area will take 20% less damage.

This special effect is used more for the damage boost against single targets in PvP. But better knock out special weapons are often used instead (if you can get them).

To tl;dr this: it’s a strong primary weapon with an affordable price tag. I’d recommend it for high level PvP and PvM, if you don’t want to break the bank with a more expensive option.

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