OSRS: Is Obsidian Armour Worth Getting?

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Obsidian armour in Old School RuneScape is commonly obtained for its strength bonus, which is roughly the same as the Bandos set. However, the Obsidian set provides much lower defensive stats than Bandos.

So the Obsidian armour is only really worth it if you can’t afford the Bandos armour set, or if you’re using it for PvP.

For players around a level where obsidian would offer solid stats (yet also can’t get the Bandos set) then if you have the time, it could be worth going after the full Obsidian set. For any players levelled up a bit higher, this process might be a little too much effort to be worthwhile.

But if you do go after the obsidian set, here’s an added bonus:

When wearing the helmet, platebody, and platelegs, all obsidian weapons will gain a 10% boost to melee strength and accuracy. This is quite useful in PvP scenarios, as the damage boost can make the Obsidian Maul hit very hard!

To equip this set you’ll need a minimum of 60 defence. But this does not apply to the Obsidian Cape, which has no requirements to wear and is quite commonly used by those who don’t yet have a Fire Cape.


How Do You Get Obsidian Armour?

This armour is buyable in the Tzhaar city.

The cape and shield can be bought in the easily accessible outer city. However the helmet, platebody, and platelegs can only be bought once you have access to the inner city, which requires a Fire Cape to enter.

As with all items in the Tzhaar city, you’ll need to pay with Tokkul since coins aren’t accepted.

Alternatively, within the inner city you can fight the strong level 221 Tzhaar-Ket to try and obtain the armour set that way.

The weaker Tzhaar-Ket in the outer city will only drop the cape and shield. But if you can handle the stronger fight, this is often a faster way to obtain the armour for ironmen, because getting Tokkul can be time consuming and pretty slow.

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