OSRS: Is Rigour Worth Getting?

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Rigour is probably one of the best prayers in OSRS, and is 100% worth getting! To utilize Rigour you’ll need a minimum level of 74 Prayer and 70 Defence, and it’s unlocked by reading a Dexterous Prayer Scroll which is only obtainable from the Chambers of Xeric as one of the more common unique drops.

Alternatively, you can buy the scroll for about 15m from the Grand Exchange.

But why is Rigour so good?

When this prayer is activated, it boosts your range attack by 20%, range strength by 23%, and defence by 25% – making it the best range-boosting prayer in Old School RuneScape, as well as one of the strongest offensive prayers as well.

This prayer is also one of the few that boosts offensive and defensive stats at the same time.

However, it should be noted that you cannot activate other prayers like Piety or Augury while Rigour is on. But you can activate your overhead prayers.


Where Should I Use Rigour?

This prayer is so good that it’s viewed as a necessity for high level PvM activities, like the Corrupted Gauntlet, or Raids such as Chambers of Xeric or the Theatre of Blood.

You may actually struggle to find a team without having this awesome prayer unlocked. So that kind of content is absolutely where you’d be using it.

Rigour is also incredibly useful for Slayer tasks and other bosses.

I would also recommend making use of this prayer at Commander Zilyana, Kree’arra, Alchemical Hydra (or anywhere you’re using a Twisted Bow), Fight caves, Inferno, and in PvP.

Ultimately, you’ll want to use this wherever you’re facing tough opponents that might really put up a challenge, or in situations where you’re happy to expend prayer.


How Much Does Rigour Affect Prayer Drain?

Rigour is very heavy on prayer point usage, and is tied with four other prayers for the heaviest usage in OSRS!

You can expect to use 1 prayer point every 1.5 seconds if you have no prayer bonus.

Due to this, it’s highly advisable to use armour that gives you prayer bonus – such as Full Armadyl or God Dragon Hide armour.

I would also say it’s worth using a Super Restore and Prayer Potions in conjunction with Rigour, since you’ll burn through your prayer within a few minutes of continuous use, even at level 99 prayer.

But despite the heavy usage, Rigour is totally worth acquiring and using. Your kills will be much faster and more efficient!

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