OSRS: Is It Worth Getting The Rune Pouch?

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The Rune Pouch is an incredibly useful quality of life item that will definitely make your session a lot easier! I would not only recommend getting a Rune Pouch quickly, but also making it a priority, because it’s easily one of the most useful items in OSRS.

The Rune Pouch can hold three different types of runes at a time, and will hold a maximum of 16,000 of each of those runes.

This is very useful because the Rune Pouch reduces the amount of inventory spaces needed for casting spells, which in turn means you can take extra supplies or items instead.

And this little pouch can also be toggled to automatically collect runes off the ground that you receive as drops, provided you have enough room for them. This can also be toggled on or off at the magic tutor in Lumbridge.


Where is The Rune Pouch Used?

It sees widespread use all across OSRS. Players who are not casting combat spells use the pouch for teleport spells or utility spells, such as high alchemy.

While other players often use the rune pouch for blood and ice spells in PvM situations, like for Abyssal Sire or healing at God War Dungeon.

This item is one of the best in OSRS, and can technically be used for almost any activity – provided you have the correct runes!


How Do You Get The Rune Pouch?

Luckily, the Rune Pouch can be obtained in a variety of ways depending on your preferred play style.

If you plan on doing a lot of slayer, you can purchase the pouch for 750 slayer points from a slayer master.

Note that if you choose this method I would recommend point boosting to get to 750 slayer points quickly.

Alternatively, if you prefer PvP, you can but the pouch from the Last Man Standing shop for 75 points.

I would only recommend this to players well versed in PvP, as LMS can be very competitive!

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