OSRS: Is Getting The Tome Of Fire Worth It?

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The Tome of Fire is a great magic offhand with some really useful bonuses and effects. I would definitely recommend getting this item, as it isn’t too expensive and totally worth the cost.

It also acts as a source of fire runes when charged with burnt pages.

What makes this item truly shine is that it’ll also increase any combat damage from fire spells by 50%, meaning spells like Fire Surge can hit for some insanely high output.

And if you’re using non-combat spells like High Alchemy or teleportation spells, the Tome of Fire will use no charges at all and act as an unlimited source of fire runes.

This makes the tome insanely useful for certain spells (obviously) because it’ll save you a ton of fire runes over time.

And I should mention that the Tome of Fire can be loaded with a maximum of 250 pages, with each page adding 20 charges to the tome, for a total of 5,000 charges.

Another reason to snag this thing is that it also boasts some respectable magic defensive and attack bonuses, specifically +8 for each. If you consider those along with its special effect, the Tome of Fire is really great for bosses like Ice Demon in the Chambers of Xeric.


How To Get The Tome of Fire

This is only obtainable as a very rare drop from a Wintertodt Supply Crate, which is given to you as a reward for completing a round of the Wintertodt minigame. This comes at a drop rate of 1/1000 (or 0.1%).

And this also holds true for burnt pages, but they’re much more common at a drop rate of 1/45 (2.22%) and multiple pages can be received each drop.

Alternatively, players can choose to purchase the Tome of Fire from the Grand exchange for around 900k gp.

Buying it might even be the easier option, since getting this from such a low drop rate can be pretty difficult and time-consuming.

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