Best Ways To Get Limpwurt Roots on Ironman (OSRS)

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As an Ironman, there are two ways to get your hands on Limpwurt Roots:

  • Farming, or
  • Killing Monsters

Farming is the better and more consistent method, and is recommended for gathering large amounts of limpwurt roots over time.

On the other hand, getting Limpwurts from monsters is something that might happen passively while you’re training Slayer, or just training your combat skill.

Since most creatures drop a single unnoted limpwurt root at a time, it’s advised to only do this method when you’re in a pinch and need a couple of them right now.


Best Methods for Acquiring the Limpwurts


#1: Becoming a Farmer

A fully-grown limpwurt plant / OSRS
A fully-grown limpwurt plant

As we’ve already mentioned, as an Ironman, Farming is going to be your best bet for getting your necessary Limpwurts.

Let’s take a more in-depth look at the basics and how to get started.

Getting Started With Limpwurts
Player performing the Quest Cape emote / Old School RuneScape
Player performing the Quest Cape emote

To be able to plant and harvest Limpwurts, you’ll need to be at least level 26 in Farming.

That can be achieved very easily, by completing the following 3 quests (suggested order works best):

  • Recipe for Disaster (Goblin generals subquest)
  • Fairytale 1 – Growing Pains
  • Forgettable Tale…

The combination of these quest rewards tallies up to just enough experience for our goal of 26 Farming.

How handy!

The Required Tools
Buying supplies from a farming shop / OSRS
Buying supplies from a farming shop

Now that we’ve got our levels, it’s time to get everything we need to start farming.

Our shopping list looks a little something like this:

  • Limpwurt seeds (duh)
  • A Seed dibber (to plant the seed)
  • A Rake (to remove any pesky weeds)

That’s it!

A seed dibber and a rake can be purchased from any farmer near a farming patch, or any farming shop – while the seeds themselves have to be acquired through different means, such as killing monsters.

Here are a few ways I recommend for getting Limpwurt seeds:

  • Killing Kurask
  • Killing Mammoths
  • Doing farming contracts
  • Killing Deviant Spectres
  • Killing Moss giants (easy for low levels)
Planting the Seeds
Raking the flower patch in the Farming Guild / Old School RuneScape
Raking the flower patch in the Farming Guild

We’re done with preparing, an now we’re ready to plant some Limpwurt seeds.

But where?

Just like every other plant in this game, Limpwurts need to be planted in the farming patch that fits their category, in this case a flower patch.

There are a total of 7 flower patches in OSRS, and these are their locations:

  • South of Falador
  • West of Port Phasmatys
  • North of Ardougne
  • North of Catherby
  • The Farming Guild
  • Prifddinas
  • South-West of Hosidius

A Limpwurt plant takes approximately 20 minutes to grow, and normally yields between 3 to 12 roots.

The yield scales with your Farming level, adding a potential extra root every 10 levels (up to the aforementioned max of 12).

Additionally, Magic Secateurs and Compost variants don’t affect the number of roots harvested (compost only increases the plant’s chance of surviving).

With a good setup and quick reflexes, at 99 Farming you can get an average of about 50 Limpwurt roots every 20 minutes!

But let’s look into our second option other than Farming.


#2: Slaying Monsters for Roots

Killing hobgoblins for limpwurt roots / OSRS
Killing hobgoblins for limpwurt roots.

Another way of getting Limpwurt roots (albeit less reliable) is by killing various monsters around Gielinor.

I recommend this method for when you’re in desperate need of some quick limpwurts, or when you just want to train your combat stats while potentially collecting useful resources.

With that said, here’s a list of some of the best monsters to kill for their roots:

  • Hobgoblins (best for F2P)
  • Cockatrices (best droprate in P2P, lowest HP)
  • Hill Giants (another good F2P monster, also drops Giant Keys)
  • Turoth (drops a lot of good herbs and some alchables)

Or for the bravest of warriors, the following bosses drop 25 noted Limpwurt Roots at a droprate of 1/25:

  • Callisto
  • Venenatis
  • Vet’ion

Note: These bosses are all located in the Wilderness, where you can get attacked by other players and lose your items. They’re also very difficult, so I suggest looking up a dedicated guide before approaching any of them.


Uses for Limpwurt Roots

Making potions at the bank / Old School RuneScape
Making potions at the bank.

Limpwurt roots are mainly used in the Herblore skill for the creation of potions.

They can be combined with either an unfinished Tarromin or Kwuarm potion, to create a normal and Super Strength potion respectively.

Free players can also use Limpwurts to create three different kinds of potions (Antipoison, Strength, and Energy), though not by themselves (since Herblore is a P2P skill), but through the Apothecary located in Varrock.

Furthermore, Limpwurts are occasionally needed in certain quests. For example, 20 of them are needed in the quest “Temple of Ikov”.

Lastly, a batch of 15 Limpwurt roots can be given to the Squirrel-farmers on Fossil Island, and in exchange they’ll protect your tree from becoming diseased.

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