OSRS: What is a Mark of Grace & What Does It Do?

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Marks of Grace are special drops that can only be obtained while doing Rooftop Agility Courses. They can be spent to buy the graceful set, amylase packs, and are also used to recolor graceful sets.

To obtain Marks of Grace you’ll need to complete multiple laps of a rooftop agility course, with random marks spawning every time you complete a lap.

These marks will only be visible to the specific player they spawn for, and will despawn after 10 minutes – giving you plenty of time to snag them!

Whether these are worth getting is really up to you.

But if you’re going for the graceful set, you’ll definitely want to look into picking up these marks.


Best Ways to Get Marks of Grace

The most optimal way to obtain these marks is to complete the highest level rooftop agility course that’s available to you.

This is important, as if you’re 20+ agility levels higher than the course you’re on, then the spawn rate of marks will decrease by 20%.

As you can imagine, this will seriously hinder your ability to collect these quickly.

The best course for marks is the Canifis Course between levels 40 – 59 agility. This course is pretty quick to complete, meaning spawn rates are much higher than other options available at those levels.

Special attention should also be paid to achievement diaries. Why so?

Because completing the easy, medium, and hard Kandarin Diary will increase the number of marks you get by 5%, 10%, and 15%, respectively.

This is a massive boost to the amount of marks achievable here. Especially considering it’s a medium-level course.

And it’s highly recommended to get the diary done as soon as possible either way, just to fully reap the effect before your agility level gets too high!

Note: the Ardougne Elite Diary will also increase the odds of getting marks by 25%, which is the highest possible odds increase in all of OSRS.

This course is the best choice for end game players with the diary completed, and provides a seriously large amount of marks per hour.


How To Spend Marks of Grace

The first and most important thing to buy with your Marks of Grace would be the full Graceful set, which you probably already know about (and how great it is to conserve running energy!)

The total set costs 260 Marks, and would take a typical player approximately levels 1 – 58 agility to obtain if you’re doing rooftop agility the entire time.

Once you’ve obtained your full Graceful set, you can recolor it in one of the colors of the Houses of Zeah. This could be used for fashionscape in a bunch of different ways.

You’ll need 100% favour in the house of your choice, plus 90 Marks of Grace to fully recolor the whole set (each piece costs 15 Marks of Grace to recolor).

And one other thing you can buy with these marks are Amylase Packs, which cost 10 Marks of Grace each.

Amylase is used to create stamina potions, so this stuff is in pretty high demand!

You can either make stamina potions yourself (and sell them even!), or sell your Amylase on the Grand Exchange for about 93k per 100 amylase.

This effectively means that each Mark of Grace is worth about 9.3k gp, give or take.

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