How To Get a Mith Grapple on Ironman (OSRS)

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There are three main ways of obtaining Mith Grapples for Ironmen:

  1. Activities in the Ancient Cavern (killing spirits and offering chewed bones)
  2. Creating it yourself through skilling (most recommended)
  3. Or as a respawn in Armadyl God Wars Dungeon

All three methods will be detailed in this brief guide.

Mith grapples are used along with crossbows to cross a variety of shortcuts, such as climbing city walls and swinging through gaps. These require a specific Agility level, and in some cases, a Ranged or Strength level.

And since Agility and most crossbows are Members-only content, Mith Grapples are completely off-limits for free-to-play players.


Method 1: Skilling for a Mith Grapple

Fletching a Yew Stock / OSRS
Fletching a Yew Stock

The most common and most recommended way of obtaining a Mith Grapple is to create yourself through Smithing and Fletching, requiring level 59 of each (which can be boosted).

This process consists of smithing a Grapple Tip from a single Mithril bar (requiring 59 Smithing).

After that, attach a single Mithril Bolt to the tip (requiring 59 Fletching), and finally attach a regular rope to the item.

You now have your Mith Grapple!

The reason for crafting it yourself is that obtaining it from PvM drops is rather inconsistent and from quite tough enemies.

Players without the required levels tend to have low Combat Levels as well. So instead of farming for the drop, it’s highly recommended to build your stats, which will help you in the long run.

Lastly, for those invested in the Fletching skill, you may obtain three Grapples a day by searching your Fletching skillcape. Then again, you will not be needing many Grapples at that stage of the game.


Method 2: PvM Drops

Barbarian Spirits in the Ancient Cavern / OSRS
Barbarian Spirits in the Ancient Cavern

Alternatively, Mith Grapples can be obtained as drops from non-dragon enemies in the Ancient Cavern, down the whirlpool in Baxtorian Falls.

Entering this area requires partial completion of Otto’s Barbarian Training.

The enemies you’re looking for are skeletons and barbarian spirits, in any of their variants, which drop Mith Grapples at a rate of 1/42.

With combat levels of 130+, they can be quite tough enemies if you’re unprepared.

It’s heavily recommended to use Protect from Melee and bring some form of dragonfire protection in case a Brutal Dragon attacks you.


Alternative Farming Method

One last option is to farm Mithril Dragons upstairs in the dungeon.

They may eventually drop chewed bones, which when offered on a pyre ship can drop two Mith Grapples, at a rate of 1/21.

This method is not recommended since you will need Woodcutting and Firemaking levels on top of combat; As a result, it’s much quicker to just get level 59 Smithing and Fletching to craft it yourself, skipping the RNG drop from PvM.


Method 3: Respawn in Armadyl God Wars Dungeon

The Grapple Box in Armadyl GWD / OSRS
The Grapple Box in Armadyl GWD

The last available option requires you to be able to reach the Armadyl Section of God Wars Dungeon, which usually means that you’re a rather high level account already.

Additionally, you will need to already own at least one Mith Grapple.

In short: players need a Mith Grapple to enter and exit the dungeon. To prevent them from getting stuck inside, there’s a box by the exit that grants players one copy of the item as long as they’re not carrying any.

As a result, it’s possible to drop trick as many Grapples as you want and head to a bank.

While you must already own a Grapple, they have a 1/25 chance of breaking on each use. This means that in the long run, it can be worth it to have a handful of them banked in case you ever need them.

In that case, this method is way better than crafting a bunch of them because crafting would cost a lot more supplies and time.

And that’s it!

Mith Grapples can be rather tricky to obtain as a low level account, but they’ll be worth acquiring to complete many Achievement Diaries and access new areas.

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