OSRS: The Most Expensive Skills To Train Up To 99

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Getting to level 99 can be expensive. But almost every skill has a profitable way to get to level 99, except for a select few.

Although sometimes we need to get experience fast, and don’t want to worry about spending weeks to level up a skill.

So what’s the easiest way to level up a skill quickly you ask? Throw a ton of money at the problem until it goes away, of course!

And if you’re going that route, it helps to know which are gonna cost you a pretty penny to hit 99. So let’s take a look at some of the fastest & most expensive skills to get to level 99 in the game.


10. Cooking

Cooking on a range in OSRS

Who doesn’t love wine?

Well after making over 62k wines, you might be a little sick of the stuff! That’s how many Jugs of Wine it takes to get to level 99 from a level 68 cooking.

You can expect to get experience rates of around 500k per hour making Jugs of Wine. And this should take a player 25 hours to max out at level 99.

So what’s the damage?

You’ll need to cough up about 4.5m making Jugs of Wine up to 99. Which isn’t too bad, all things considered!

You get to bank stand most of the time and it’s pretty easy work.

Total Cost: ~4m


9. Smithing

Smithing anvil practice up close in OSRS

The fastest (and also the most expensive) way to 99 smithing is by utilizing the Blast Furnace.

You’ll need to access the city of Keldagrim and have completed the quest “The Giant Dwarf”.

From level 40 you can make Gold Bars, which provide 56 experience per ore used – provided you make use of the Goldsmith Gauntlets.

This method requires a total of 230k gold ores, and would cost around 20m from level 40-99 smithing.

You can expect to earn 300k – 400k experience, depending on how focused you are.

Total Cost: ~20m


8. Magic

Level 99 mages in OSRS

The fastest way to get to level 99 magic is by barraging Maniacal Monkeys in Kruk’s Dungeon, unlocked during Monkey Madness II.

With maximized magic gear such as an ancestral set, imbued god cape, and an occult necklace, you can get between 350 – 400k experience per hour.

And this method is not cheap since you’ll be coughing up an approximate 1.4m coins per hour in rune and prayer potion costs.

The setup cost alone is well over 100m. So you’ll need quite a big bank to begin using this method effectively, since the cost will remain the same, but your experience can always go down!

Expect to spend a minimum of 25m – 30m on your way to level 99 Magic using this method.

Total Cost ~25m – 30m


7. Ranging

Ranging with a bow in OSRS

Now onto ranging. This is trained in the exact same place as magic, in Kruk’s Dungeon.

But this method has a much cheaper setup cost, as you can make use of full void which is free to obtain.

However, the overall cost per hour is substantially higher. It’s just that you gain more experience per hour.

The fastest method is to use Black Chinchompas, costing you about 5m per hour!

You can expect experience rates of roughly between 700k – 800k per hour, provided you take a Necklace of Anguish along. The total cost of getting 99 can be more than 40m here, so make sure your bank is ready to take a small hit.

Total Cost: ~40m


6. Crafting

Crafting up close in OSRS

Crafting is another fairly expensive skill to get to level 99.

The best way is via d’hide bodies from level 71 to 99.

Start with blue d’hide bodies to level 77, and this will cost you around 4m.

Next you can start with red d’hide bodies until level 84, which will cost about 11m.

Lastly, you can go with black d’hide bodies until level 99.

Black D’hide bodies from level 84-99 will cost you around 100m alone! You’ll get roughly 450k experience per hour here, making this the fastest crafting leveling method in OSRS to 99.

You’ll also be making about 39k bodies, so be ready for a lot of crafting.

Total Cost: ~125m


5. Fletching

Practicing fletching skill in OSRS

Normally, fletching is a very chill and even profitable skill to train.

But on this list, we’re looking at the fastest way to get to level 99 (no expens is too great!)

This skill can be done from level 1 to 99 in a single day if you really throw some serious money at it – by making darts!

Making Dragon Darts will net you about 1.2m – 1.5m experience an hour which is a lot. You can get from level 95 – 99 in about 3-4 hours using this method alone.

However, this will set you back around 38m for just 4 levels.

If we do Rune Darts from level 81 to level 95 you’ll spend around 47m, or if you go all the way to 99 it’ll cost 140m!

But this would only take you about 14 hours to get to level 99, so I’d definitely call this quick.

Total Cost: ~150m


4. Farming

Planting in fields for farming EXP / OSRS Screenshot

The best and fastest experience for farming is by doing tree runs.

This experience can climb pretty high by using high level seeds, such as Magic and Palm seeds. In fact, your experience can easily be around 280k per run.

Aim for around 2 runs per day if you can.

And make sure to supplement this with hardwood trees like mahogany trees, which provide a decent chunk of experience every few days.

If you plan on doing tree runs the entire way to level 99, you can expect to spend roughly 200m on this skill.

So farming takes the number 7 spot here, as there are much more profitable ways to get this to 99, albeit a lot slower.

Total Cost: ~200m


3. Herblore

Herb field for herlbore in OSRS

Herblore is not a cheap skill.

You need to buy both secondary ingredients, and the herb, both of which can be expensive.

There are a variety of methods to 99 Herlore, with so let’s take a look at a few of the most costly ones.

The first method would be from level 81 making Saradomin Brews. You can get around 400k experience per hour, and would need to make 60k brews for level 99.

But the total cost would be an insane 150m!

This is one of the higher experience grinding methods, and the current fastest to 99.

A slightly cheaper alternative, Stamina Potions, would cost you about 90m to get to 99. And this would require making 113k stamina potions starting from level 77.

So either way you slice it, herblore is easily one of the most expensive to train.

Total Cost: ~150m


2. Construction

Building construction in house in OSRS

Construction is a massive money sink, and costs a ton of planks and coins to get to level 99.

You’ll either have a beautiful house by the end of it all, or just an empty room and a table if you’re a skiller.

The fastest way to level 99 construction is via Mahogany Furniture, starting with tables.

From level 52 – 99 you can grind out mahogany tables, which would require a massive 92k planks, and cost around 186m gp.

Using this method results in 900k experience per hour, which means you could technically go from level 52 – 99 in about a single day.

Many players actually opt to do this and smash out construction all at once (assuming they have the money).

And this is probably one of the better methods too, because construction gets very tedious with all the clicking you’ll be doing.

Total Cost: ~200m


1. Prayer

Prayer grind in OSRS

And we’ve made it to the top of this list, so let’s have a look at the most expensive skill in OSRS – as well as the fastest method to get it to level 99.

Superior Dragon Bones are only dropped by Vorkath, and as a result, are very expensive. But they provide an unmatched amount of experience, and are used by players who want to grind prayer out as quickly as possible.

Using these bones on a Gilded Altar, it would take roughly 24k of them to get to level 99 – which should cost a massive 230m.

You’ll also be getting roughly 580k experience per hour.

Note that this is only from level 70 onwards, since superior dragon bones can only be used with a minimum of level 70 prayer.

To get to level 70 in the first place, you can use Dagannoth bones. This should be slightly cheaper at an overall cost of around 5m.

So as a whole, prayer is extremely expensive. But every single level is worth it, because prayer is one of the most used skills in all of Old School RuneScape.

Total Cost: ~240m

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