OSRS: The Most Profitable Skills To 99 (Ranked)

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Training your skills up to 99 is the end goal of any OSRS player who’s looking to max their accounts.

Some skills are insanely expensive to level up, like Prayer, where there’s no profit to be made and you sink tens of million into getting a few levels.

However, there are a few resource-collecting skills which are just a cut above the rest!

You can make millions (if not hundreds of millions) getting these skills to 99.

So let’s take a peek at some of the most profitable skills worth 99’ing.


10. Farming

Farming herb field in OSRS

Farming is an interesting skill on this list, as you can train it in so many ways.

If you do trees to level 99, you’re going to make a huge loss. However if you do certain herbs, you’ll make a ton of money.

If you balance your herb runs with your tree runs and do a minimum of 2 runs a day, you should make a couple sets of ten million on your way to 99.

I recommend planting Torstols, Snapdragons, and Rannars for the best profit, along with your tree runs.

Farm runs are relatively quick, and these herbs will give your bank a very nice boost.


9. Cooking

Cooking on an oven / OSRS HD Screenshot

Cooking is one of the fastest skills to train to 99, and coincidentally, it’s also a very profitable skill!

The best way to train this skill is to cook the highest level fish you can without burning them.

I recommend using cooking gauntlets and the Hosidius house kitchen to cook your food to avoid burning anything.

At level 90 you can cook dark crabs, which will yield around 350k per hour in profit!

It’s very low effort and AFKable, meaning that you won’t even have to pay much attention while the cash just rolls in. You’ll also see similar profits with sharks and monkfish.


8. Agility

Agility wire course in Prifddinas / OSRS

Agility is a fairly straightforward skill, and only has two profitable avenues to level 99.

The first way is doing rooftop agility. You’ll occasionally get a mark of grace which are worth around 10k each. From levels 80 – 99 you can probably make round 50-60m just off of these marks of grace!

I highly recommend having the Ardougne Elite diary done to get extra marks at this course. This is a medium effort method to 99.

The second (and far more profitable) way is to do the Hallowed Sepulchre all the way to level 99.

From level 92 you’ll make roughly 2.9m per hour. However, you will need to complete the course relatively flawlessly – which is quite difficult and high effort.

You should be looting all floors from 3 onwards, as well as the grand chest on floor 5 of course.


7. Thieving

Thieving from house in OSRS

Imagine not making money by stealing.

Thieving has a ton of profitable avenues all throughout the skill, from Master Farmers to Ardougne Knights.

When doing thieving, you should always have the rouge equipment on to get double loot.

There are a variety of methods to 99, all with different profit levels. Ardougne Knights all the way to level 99 shouldn’t take you longer than 2 weeks and you’ll profit 17m in coins.

Other methods include pickpocketing Vyres and Elves, both of which offer around 2m per hour if you get lucky blood shards or teleport crystals.

These methods include a lot of clicking and banking, though, as you’ll consistently take damage.


6. Hunter

Hunting monkeys in OSRS

The best way to make money with the Hunter skill is by doing either Red Chinchompas, or the far more expensive Black Chinchompas.

Red Chincomphas will yield roughly 500k an hour at level 80, and are entirely safe.

This is a great money making method, as it’s fairy repetitive and easy to get into the groove of.

Alternatively you can try to catch Black Chinchompas which are located in the Wilderness, and can be over 1m per hour in profit!

The only issue with these is that players will often try to kill you. And if you die, you’ll lose all of your captured Chinchompas!

So you’ll need tank gear and an escape method if you go after these.


5. Fishing

HD Fishing by lake in Old School RuneScape

Fishing is a very chill level 99 to get. But it will take you a long time, as experience is slow here.

The more click intensive minnows can give you a profit of around 300-500k depending on fishing level, and if they have Rada’s Blessing (4) unlocked. But these are fairly chill and easy to do!

Alternatively, an even more AFK method is doing Anglerfish.

Players can expect a much lower profit of around 130k per hour, but will be able to pay far less attention to the screen.

I would only recommend this to Ironmen who need anglers. Or if you plan on doing something on the side.


4. Mining

Close-up of mining ore in OSRS

Mining is very profitable. And many players train this skill up to level 85 just to make money.

At level 85 you can mine Rune Ore, which can yield you up to 700k per hour in cash!

This is very low in intensity and easy to do.

Alternatively, a player can do Blast Mining from level 43 and make up to 750k. This is more click intensive and I recommend a higher mining level before starting.

The most common way to get level 99 mining is Motherload Mine, which is semi-afk and around 225k profit an hour at level 85 mining.

I personally recommend this method, as the experience is good, and the cash is just a great side benefit!


3. Smithing

Smithing bars in OSRS

Smithing is one of the most profitable skills in the game – if you make use of the Blast Furnace.

Making rune bars at the Blast Furnace can yield a player as much as 1.3m coin per hour!

This is crazy good money to make this quickly. Even at level 70, a player can make 1.2m an hour doing adamant bars.

The experience per hour also isn’t terrible, at roughly 100-110k per hour for both methods.

If you’re looking for a more AFK method with high experience and money making, then you can always smith rune items at an anvil. You can make 450k an hour while gaining around 200k experience there.


2. Runecrafting

Blood runes runecrafting in OSRS

Easily the most profitable resource gathering skill in OSRS, you can expect to make up to 400m+ by getting Runecrafting to level 99.

Making Wrath runes (which are very high intensity) can provide from 1.1m – 1.2m coins per hour.

The experience is quite bad though, at 32k experience per hour… but the money is what we’re here for.

Alternatively, more AFK options like blood and soul runes can provide profits of 630k and 230k per hour, respectively.

I personally choose to do blood runes, as they allow me to chill out and not stress so much on running around.

The experience is also much better per hour than Wrath Runes for both options, at around 50k Runecrafting experience if you’re semi-focused.


1. Slayer

Kurask Slayer Task Screenshot in OSRS

Slayer is easily the most profitable skill in the game.

And if you throw in boss slayer, you can hit a total bank value of over 1b coins on your way to 99.

Bosses like the Alchemical Hydra literally print money, and can provide well over 3m coins per hour. Most slayer bosses are very profitable, with Kraken and Thermonuclear Smoke Devil both providing well over 1m in coins every hour.

So there’s a lot to go around here.

Many bosses like Cerberus even drop items worth 20m or more.

A single drop could equal hours of other money making methods, and it’s obtainable by pure chance!

And slayer also doesn’t get repetitive or boring since there’s always a new task or boss to kill, meaning you should have plenty to do on your travels.

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