The Most Useful Teleports in Old School RuneScape

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Teleporting in OSRS is a staple of playing the game.

Getting around such a large map would be extremely tedious without this ability!

There are spells you can cast to teleport to certain locations, and there are also items that can teleport you too.

So there are dozens of options when it comes to this topic.

And with all that said, which teleports are the most useful in Old School RuneScape?

Let’s take a look at the best ones you should aim to unlock!


10. Home Teleport

Home teleport to Lumbridge in OSRS

Starting off our list is the Home Teleport, which is easily one of the most useful in the game.

It has zero requirements to use, with the only limit being that it can only be used once every 30 minutes.

This teleport will send you to your currently set respawn point, which can be a variety of places like Lumbridge, Varrock, or Edgeville.

You can use it to go almost anywhere!

It’s important to note that this teleport does have a very long animation, though. So it cannot be used in combat or in an emergency.

How to Use: Unlocked as soon as you start the game, no requirements, and it’s on every spellbook.


9. Camelot Teleport

Camelot outside the bank in OSRS

The Camelot Teleport is another useful one, as it is takes you to a centrally located area in the game: Camelot.

This spell requires level 45 magic to cast, so you’ll have to train up to it.

But this teleport really starts to shine when you complete the Kandarin Hard Diary.

Then it’ll teleport you outside Seers’ Bank, which makes it one of the closest teleports to a bank that you can get.

This also shortens the time you’d need to train agility, since it’s common practice to teleport to the bank once you complete a lap of the course, just to reduce time spent running.

Other nearby amenities includes Sherlock, the flax fields, farming patches, and quest locations.

How to Use: You’ll need to be on the normal spellbook and have 1 law rune and 5 air runes.


8. Varrock Teleport

Varrock running character in OSRS

Teleporting you straight to the capital of Misthalin, you’ll be sent to the centre of Varrock where the large fountain is.

And this teleport only requires level 25 magic, making it easily accessible.

Also similar to the Camelot teleport, this one really starts to shine once you complete the Varrock Medium Diary.

Completing that diary changes your teleport spot, where it’ll then send you to the Grand Exchange.

This is really handy! Because now you can teleport to the largest trading area in the entire game, making it easy to sell loot and buy supplies.

How to Use: Requires 1 law, 3 air, and 1 fire rune. You’ll also need to be on the normal spellbook.


7. Ectophial

Ectofuntus Location Screenshot in OSRS

The Ectophial is unlocked by completing Ghosts Ahoy, and unlocks an unlimited amount of teleports to the Ectofuntus.

This is largely useful in getting around the Morytania area. Reason being there aren’t too many teleports in this region.

It’s also a great single click teleport, making it very useful for escapes!

And this teleport allows quick access to the Morytania farming patch, which is what it’s most used for among the majority of players.

But other uses include quick access to the Ectofuntus, Port Phasmatsys, and Canifis.

How to Get: Unlocked as a reward for completing Ghosts Ahoy.


6. Ghorrock Teleport

Ghorrock Teleport Menu in OSRS

Our first and only Ancient Magic teleport on this list!

This is a very high level spell requiring level 96 magic to cast. So it’ll take some work.

And just like with most ancient magic, this spell teleports you deep into the wilderness – specifically to the Ice Plateau in level 45 wilderness.

This can be useful for a variety of reasons.

The teleport spot is very close to the Chaos Altar, making it a simple way to get there to train Prayer.

And it’s near the King Black Dragon Lair, plus it’s close to the Chaos Fanatic.

And lastly, it’s even near the wilderness rune rocks too.

Just be very careful using this spell, since it’ll teleport you right by popular Pk’ing areas.

Do not take anything you aren’t willing to risk.

How to Use: You’ll first need access to the Ancient Spellbook, requiring the completion of Desert Treasure. The teleport costs 2 law runes and 8 water runes to use.


5. Ardougne Teleport

Getting the Ardougne Teleport Spell in OSRS

Another very useful teleport to another large capital city, and certainly one you’ll use often.

The Ardy teleport requires a magic level of 51 to use. And it sends you straight to the marketplace in the bustling city of Ardougne.

Most other teleports to and around the city are very limited, which is what makes this one so great.

With this teleport you’ll also have direct access to a variety of training opportunities, such as thieving knights and market stalls, rooftop agility, and quest locations.

How to Use: This teleport is locked behind the quest Plague city. You’ll also need 2 water runes and 2 law runes. The teleport is on the normal spellbook.


4. Trollheim Teleport

Using Trollheim Teleport Tab in OSRS

The Trollheim Teleport is mainly used for two things, but they’re two very big things.

The first is for the God War Dungeon, as the teleport is by far the fastest way to get there.

The second use case is to access the Troll Stronghold which has an herb patch many players make use of during farm runs.

Just note that to use this you’ll need a minimum of level 68 magic.

The only other reason to teleport here is for the occasional clue scroll or quest.

Some players also use it to get to the Troll Stronghold to complete troll slayer tasks.

How to Use: You’ll need to complete the quest Edgar’s Ruse and have 2 fire runes and 2 law runes to teleport here. This is on the normal spellbook.


3. Fremennik Boots (4)

Birds-eye view over Rellekka in OSRS

Here’s another item for teleporting, much like the Ectophial. So this is not a spell that you’d cast.

The Fremennik Boots (4) are locked behind the Elite Fremennik Diary, and offer you an unlimited amount of teleports to the city of Rellekka.

The only issue with these boots is that they’re quite difficult to get, requiring high stats such as 77 Runecrafting, and the ability to slay all of the DKS as per the Fremennik Elite diary Requirements.

But this is very useful, no two ways about it.

There are no good teleports to this city besides these boots, and the lyre, which is a pain to use.

The majority of players using these boots to teleport are PvM’ers fighting either Vorkath, the Dagannoth Kings, or Basilisk Knights.

How to Use: Complete the Fremennik elite Diary to get a hold of these awesome boots.


2. Barrows Teleport

Birds eye screenshot in barrows / OSRS

As a teleport from the newest spellbook in OSRS (the Arceuus spellbook), this one requires a minimum of 60% Arceuus house favour to use.

And this particular teleport is very useful mainly in… you guessed it, getting to barrows!

Barrows is normally a pain to get to. Which is quite unfortunate, since it’s insanely profitable, and very easy once you get the hang of it.

It is an entry level boss, but since it’s so profitable it’s done by all account types and builds.

The barrows teleport sends you straight to the minigame – and it’s the quickest way to get there.

The teleport is also useful in getting to Mort’ton, as alternative ways can be excessively slow.

You can also make these into teleport tablets, which might be useful if you plan on using a normal spell at Barrows.

How to Use: Requires 1 blood rune, 2 soul runes, and 2 law runes to cast. This spell is located on the Arceuus spellbook.


1. Construction Cape

Construction Skillcape building screenshot in OSRS

As the best teleport in OSRS, the construction cape offers unlimited teleports to a Player Owned House.

This item therefore has the potential to be the best teleport in OSRS – but that all depends on you!

If you build an epic house, you should have almost every single teleport in the game within.

That means teleporting to your house would give you the option almost go anywhere.

If you want this cape to really shine, then I would recommend making sure you have a nexus, portal room, and a full jewellery box in your house.

That should give you the ability to travel and go wherever you need.

How to Use: You’ll need to first obtain level 99 in Construction and purchase the skill cape. Then you can simply use the cape to teleport as much as you want.

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