OSRS Partyhats: What Are They & How Do You Get One?

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In Old School RuneScape there are 2 types of Partyhats:

  • Regular ones: Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Purple and White
  • Special ones: Black, Rainbow, Partyhat & specs, and the Wise old man’s santa hat (a mix made of Phat and Santa hat)

You can get all of these Partyhats each year from the annual Christmas event – which we’ll cover in more detail below.

The Partyhat is an equippable item that doesn’t give any boosts at all – so the only purpose is to serve as a cosmetic item.


How To Get The Regular Partyhats

Every regular Partyhats / Old School RuneScape

Purchasing Them

Normal accounts can directly purchase any tradeable type of Partyhat – this means any regular Phat or the Phartyhat set.

Also, it’s possible to buy Christmas crackers too. But in this case you won’t always get the hat (explained further in the section “How To Use Crackers and Partyhat Sets”).


Participating in the Christmas Events

Once a year, OSRS’ dev team releases a unique Christmas Event.

This is like a special quest that you can complete between December and January (the exact date changes year to year, but usually starts in the middle of December and goes until the early days of January).

Every Christmas Event has unique rewards based on the theme of the event. And along with those rewards, you’ll receive two Partyhat sets and two Christmas crackers after the completion of the event.

And during the Christmas events it’s common for moderators to host Partyhats and Christmas crackers “drop parties”, or to supply streamers & the community with them.

The goal is simply to create a festive experience to share with other players.


How To Use Crackers and Partyhat Sets


Unpacking Partyhat Sets

By going to the Grand Exchange Clerk, you can right-click and select the “Sets” option – then your Partyhat set in the inventory will be highlighted from the other items, and you’ll be able to click on it to unpack.

With each unpacking you’ll receive one copy of each regular Phat:

  • Red partyhat
  • Yellow partyhat
  • Blue partyhat
  • Green partyhat
  • Purple partyhat
  • White partyhat

Opening Christmas Cracker

Sharing a Christmas cracker / OSRS

To open a Christmas cracker, you just use it on another player.

By doing this, each of you will have a 50% chance to get a regular Phat as a reward.

The other player will receive a different type of item, specifically a non-partyhat-related item. This can be a Law rune, Iron ores, Silver bars, etc.

Note: it’s important to point out that this method is only available to normal accounts, since Ironmen can’t open crackers or be used to open crackers.


How To Get The Special Partyhats

Like we mentioned above, every Christmas event gives unique rewards.

And in two of these events we got introduced to special Partyhats:

  • The 2013 Christmas Event gave us a Black and Rainbow partyhat as a reward
  • The 2017 Christmas Event gave us a Wise old man’s santa hat as a reward, which is a Santa hat inside of a Blue partyhat
Untradeable special Partyhats with fashionscape / OSRS

After completing any later Christmas event, every unique reward from the prior ones will be unlocked for you to claim.

To do that you’ll need to right-click Diango, who keeps walking around the stalls in Draynor village, and select the option “Holiday-items”.

This will open a menu where you can get the Partyhats mentioned above.


Getting The Partyhat & Specs

Aside from the special partyhats listed above, there is another special one to bring up:

The Partyhat & specs, which is a combination of a Blue partyhat with the Sagacious spectacles.

And this one’s totally different from the others, because this hat can be bought/made.

Partyhat & specs fashionscape / Old School RuneScape

After you complete the Cabin Fever quest, you’ll be able to sew your own Partyhat & Specs with a:

  • Blue partyhat
  • Sagacious spectacles
  • 500 coins
  • And a Book o’ piracy (obtained after Cabin Fever)

Take these items to Patchy, who’s located in Mos Le’Harmless. He’s walking in the area between the bank, beer shop, and the fishing shop (use the group teleport to Trouble Brewing to get there).

You already know how to get the Blue partyhat, but to get the Sagacious spectacles you have two options:

  • You can get it too by doing Elite clue scrolls and opening the reward casket, where there’s a 1/1250 chance to get the spectacles
  • Or as a normal player, you can purchase it from the Grand Exchange for about one million gp (priced as of this writing)

But if you plan to buy the Sagacious spectacles solely for this partyhat, then you should really buy the Partyhat & specs already sewed from the GE – because the price is basically the same.

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