Best Spots To Fill Jugs & Vials in OSRS (F2P + P2P)

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When it comes to filling jugs, vials, and other kinds of containers with water, the best spots will always be the ones closest to a bank.

In the entirety of Gielinor there are only two spots worth talking about (one for members, one for free to play), and one higher-level non-conventional method for those willing to put in the extra effort for the best results.

These best spots/methods are:

  • The West Falador Bank (F2P)
  • The Hosidius Kitchen (P2P)
  • Casting Humidify (members only, highest profit but comes with requirements)

Filling jugs is a nice entry-level money-maker that can be done right off Tutorial Island, with only minimal initial investments required (even about 3k coins works).

Jugs of water are always in demand, because they are a vital ingredient for creating Jugs of Wine, one of the fastest Cooking ways someone can train their cooking.

Unless you’re an Ironman that needs jugs for the aforementioned wine making, I’d strongly suggest not doing this money-maker for more than a few hours, as other far greater methods exist that also give you some sort of experience.


Best Spots to Fill Jugs


The West Falador Bank (F2P)

Filling jugs at Falador / OSRS
Filling jugs at Falador

First up we’ll be talking about the best spot for free to players, and that’s the West Falador Bank (also known as the “small fally bank”).

Just a few steps north of the bank is a small waterpump that you can use to fill jugs to your heart’s content!

After Jagex disabled the Lumbridge water fountains in PvP worlds, this became the default best place for water-filling in F2P.

The more you know!


The Hosidius Kitchen (P2P)

The sink next to the bank chest. / OSRS
The sink next to the bank chest.

All the way to the north-west side of the map, the great continent of Zeah houses the best jug-filling spot for members.

The Hosidius Kitchen, located a little south-east of Kourend Castle, is a place that many players visit during the journey to 99 Cooking.

But today we’re not here for that!

Inside the Kitchen, a sink can be found right next to a bank chest, essentially cutting travel times down to zero while filling jugs.


Alternate Method: Casting Humidify

Casting the lunar spell “Humidify”. / OSRS
Casting the lunar spell “Humidify”.

Another lesser-known way of filling stuff with water is by casting the lunar spell “Humidify”.

Humidify immediately fills all containers in a player’s inventory with a single cast, putting it miles ahead in terms of speed when compared to the traditional methods.

If your plan is to make money while doing this, I strongly suggest looking at the margins of the items that Humidify works with to get the most out of it. Because prices constantly fluctuate, the best item to Humidify one day might be empty jugs, and the next one it could be clay!

To be able to cast Humidify you’ll need 68 Magic, and to have completed the master quest “Dream Mentor”.

Tip: To save up some money, make sure to wear a combination of items that gives you unlimited fire and water runes, such as a Steam Battlestaf, or a Staff of Fire paired with a Tome of Water.

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